Corporate communications

We support our clients as long term strategic and creative sparring partner. Words are powerful tool coming from our mind, so we design a distinctive tone of voice, define target audience and messaging that’s right for the brand or its repositioning.

Corporate communications is the practice of deliberately managing the spread of information between an individual, company or organization (such as a business, government agency, or a nonprofit organization) and the public. Public relations may include an organization or individual gaining exposure to their audiences using topics of public interest and news items.

The aim of public relations is to inform the public, prospective customers, investors, partners, employees, and other stakeholders and ultimately persuade them to maintain a positive or favourable view about the organization, its leadership, products, or company decisions. Foster + Svensson provides services in the area of corporate communications, as a set of activities involved in managing and orchestrating all internal and external communications aimed at creating favourable point of view among stakeholders on which the company depends.

Setting a clear vision that provides orientation, both internally and externally.

We support brands in their evolution and advise in the areas of corporate and organizational identity, corporate culture development, employer branding, reputation management, internal communication, public and media relations. Our team works with our clients to develop the cornerstones for an unmistakable identity, which serves as the basis for the further corporate branding.

Foster + Svensson is consisted of seniors with formal education in communication and media, and over 20 years of experience while working within corporations, conglomerates, media and network agencies. Beside having formal education, we excel in corporate communications with operational experience having a 360° perspective.

We believe that foundations of the brand are people itself. They are the one who bring the brand upfront, either by their behavior and culture, or by discipline and way of work. This is how they represent and build the brand further, and Foster + Svensson is here to support either change, a new set-up, or remodeling of corporate culture. We do that with help from our colleagues at Foster + Svensson Brand Institute, which brings variety of trainings and workshops in area of corporate communications, internal communications, media relations and people management, including senior, C and V-level personal profiling.

To any size company, we can help and provide our support and expertise in building or rebuilding corporate identity and culture, but also exposure to media. Such exposure can be in a form of spokesperson profiling, but also in a form of training of employees how to behave in public and media. We already have such experience where we held multiple trainings and workshops, by bringing some of the best trainers who passed the BBC tuition. Foster + Svensson can support its clients in setting-up internal communication systems, by developing and introducing new tools, but also demonstrating how to create and distribute messages across the company with the goal to engage employees, either to inform them about company activities, or to trigger interest and make them true company advocates. We reshape existing communication tools, prepare new, and operationally execute communication towards employees with the goal to activate them.

Our colleagues from creative department are helping us in this, by designing aesthetically attractive visuals, applying brand guidelines if needed, and work on copy which will be simple, yet understandable by employees. Such messages can be shared in variety of channels, such as company intranet, newsletters, CEO letters, push notifications, or indoor by placing roll-ups, posters, airing messages on screens, or even introducing new innovative channels.

We trust that good business practices should be spread all over the world, to let people hear what company established, managed and introduced. Such can be business results, recognitions, but also achievements of employees, introduction of innovative products and services, or milestones relevant to public audience. It is also a good example to put employees in public and let them talk about the brand and company. We can help by standing behind, knowing that we trained employees how to show in public, how to speak, how to be precise and relevant, and become authority for the audience.

Over the years, we have established media relations with local, regional and international press, newswires and agencies. We aim to support media by providing relevant briefs, news and releases, and cooperate directly with journalists and press. By working together we prepare full material and details in order to properly brief journalists and support during creation of news and articles. For every news, here at Foster + Svensson we prepare relevant media plan for our clients in order to find proper media channel, for which audience might be relevant.

We supported our clients by creating and distributing press releases locally and worldwide, while also doing follow-ups and securing news publishing, interviews, guest apperances and live broadcast. Our clients were aired and written about by media such as CNN, BBC, Arte, Reuters, The New York Times, SRF, WDR, Die Welt, The Verge, RTS Radio Televizija Srbije, RTS Radio Beograd, Radio Televizija Vojvodine, Tanjug, Beta, RTCG Radio Televizija Crne Gore, RTRS, Politika, Looker Weekly, N1, Nova, Danas, Blic, Happy, Telegraf, Pink, Studio B, Večernje Novosti, Mondo, Lepota i Zdravlje, Kurir, Prva, B92, Nedeljnik, Biznis & Finansije, ReFoto, PC Press, Elevate, El Pais, Der Standard, Zeit Online, RIA Novosti, Ansa, The Guardian, NRK, La Republicca, Corriere Della Sera, Elle, Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar, Men’s Health.

At Foster + Svensson we created a set of disciplines and grouped our corporate communication services in several main streams with its corresponding components.

Corporate culture

Corporate and organizational identity design, Corporate culture development, Employer branding

Corporate communications

Company profiling, Corporate branding, Corporate advertising, Corporate affairs, Corporate presentations, Corporate responsibility, Investor relations, Reputation management, Pitch desks

Internal communications

Intranet development, Employee engagement, Internal communication strategy development, Message design and distribution, Workspace, Traffic control, Collaborative tools, Change communication

Public relations

Crisis communication management, Personal PR, Public affairs, Spokesperson profiling

Media relations

Crisis communication management, Digital media relations, International media relations, Local media relations, Media advisory, Media briefing, Media events, Media monitoring, Newswire,Press clipping, Press releases creation, Press releases distribution, Regional media relations, Media plan creation

Over the years we designed, developed, and created work for clients including MAI Marina Abramović Institute, Telenor Group, Telenor Fondacija, Nataša Šarić Design, Smartacus, Samsung, Hisense, Uniquely Abled Center, Regional Alliance for Cerebral Palsy, Richter Gedeon, Heads Adriatic Group, Qonnexa, Apothecary, Maxi, JAF, Fitpass, Knight Frank, to name a few respective clients.