Privacy and data protection policy

At Foster + Svensson, we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. In the same way that we would expect others to respect our privacy. We have combined the Privacy Policy, Terms of use, and Cookie Policy into this single Policy to make it easier for you to review. This Privacy Policy sets out the basis for how we collect, use, disclose, transfer and store your personal information. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with Foster + Svensson privacy practices to understand our views on the handling of your personal information, and how we will treat it in a professional and transparent manner.

Foster + Svensson has published this website at, in order to provide the opportunity to view information about our business, activities and news about the agency, as well as the information about the industry in which we work. At the same time, on this website we publish interesting articles and and news in the area of art, design marketing, advertising, as well as more information about our company, business, news, case studies, product presentations, achievements, partnerships and vacancies. We keep in mind that our Policy should be read by people who are not experts, and that the text should be easy to understand, so we have avoided the use of administrative and legal jargon within this Policy. It also makes us happy to have simplified articles and content, because we are humans after all, and that is what we do.

The Cntroller of the collected data is Foster + Svensson d.o.o. (“Foster + Svensson”) and all collected data will be processed in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the European Council of April 27, 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data, i.e. “GDPR”) and the current Law on the Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Serbia (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia No. 97/2008, 104/2009 – Dr. Law, 68/2012 – Decision US and 107/2012) which applies to this website.

Our principles
We take privacy seriously and thus respect your privacy. Therefore, we will do our best to protect your privacy by using available security technologies and business sense in data handling. In the case of cooperation with third parties, we can also request the signing of an NDA agreement, ie. data confidentiality agreement, where we contractually obligate our partners to do the same in respecting and protecting your privacy. This is also used for business between companies, where we jointly provide services to our clients and respect customer privacy in the event of non-disclosure of confidential information.

We avoid collecting any personal data that is not necessary to access or when applying for a job. For our business, we collect business information from our partners, clients and suppliers, such as contact e-mails, addresses, telephone numbers in order to organize and maintain business correspondence. Regarding the personal data of visitors and website users, below we will indicate what personal data we collect. We may receive more data from visitors than is necessary and we will always treat them as we would any individual data. In such cases, we may receive personal information from you that may include your name, address, phone number, email address, social media profile, questions and inquiries you have written or replied to contact us. You can also choose to send us more of your personal information such as your credentials and CV when you apply for a job or simply choose to contact us to apply generally.

Such received personal information that you choose to provide to us will only be used for the purposes for which it was originally received or collected. It will be clear to you in our correspondence with you what information we collect about you, if any, and how we will use it. We will also make sure that we can securely delete all of your personal data if you ask us to do so. For example, you can request to withdraw your CV or credentials that you have submitted for a job application, as well as contact us with a request to delete it.

If we or our service providers transfer any information from the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA), we will only do so with the appropriate safeguards set out in the GDPR and with your consent. At any time, you have the right to send us an objection to the processing of your personal data and request its removal. This can be done by email by contacting our data protection officer whose contacts we have listed below.


Foster + Svensson d.o.o.
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Foster + Svensson d.o.o.
Preševska 98, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Company ID number: 20922079
TIN number: 108045843
Phone: +381 63 333386


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The Privacy Policy applies to all information provided and collected about you by Foster + Svensson, regardless of how it is obtained, delivered, collected, described or stored. We also transparently show how information may be used and when it may be disclosed, how you can control the use and disclosure of the information you provide, and how Foster + Svensson protects your information.


Data security is taken seriously at Foster + Svensson and we apply:

– data security policy for all employees as well as externally hired collaborators
– data security that is organized internally through working from remote locations and using assigned devices
– detailed selection of personnel based on previous work experience and expertise, as well as dealing with any form of personal data, which improves the process of data protection through additional training
– defining the level of access during data processing
– technical and physical protection of the working environment, as well as company equipment
– mandatory use of cryptographic solutions in compliance with the policy of security systems
– security of the functioning of communication devices and protocols
– relations with partners and defining NDA contracts (data confidentiality agreements)
– compliance with the legal and by-laws of the Republic of Serbia


Within this Privacy Policy, you can view:

1. Why we collect data
2. What data we collect
3. Information regarding nternet advertising
4. What information is provided to third parties, if any
5. How you can change or control the collected data
6. Information for users located outside the EU
7. Change of Privacy Policy
8. Other information related to your privacy
9. How to contact Foster + Svensson regarding any concerns or questions about your personal data
10. Cookies and links to other websites
11. Applications and locations where your data is stored


1. Why we collect data
At Foster + Svensson, we may collect various types of data about our associates, clients, website visitors, users of social media channels and independent websites for several reasons:

– due to the analysis and research of the website’s performance
– due to various marketing activities
– for improving the review and services we offer and upgrading our website
– for answering your questions and inquiries sent by e-mail, social media networks, email or telephone
– due to communication with our existing and/or future clients about our services and products


2. What data we collect
Foster + Svensson collects exclusively and only necessary data about users in order to provide them with timely services and answers to relevant inquiries and requests.

The user data that is collected is as follows and is specified by the user when contacting the Foster + Svensson agency by sending an email, by phone or via the website at, namely:

– name and surname
– company name
– postal code, city or town
– phone number
– email address

Foster + Svensson collects only necessary, basic data about our website visitors that is needed for our business, as well as informing website visitors in accordance with good business practices and with the aim of providing quality service and information. The data collected in this way will be used exclusively for the purpose of establishing contact, responding to sent inquiries, as well as improving the work of the website itself and the agency in the case of sent comments, proposals and suggestions. We do not use the collected data for any other purposes, nor will they be forwarded to third parties. In addition to the above data, we collect, analyze and process data about the pages they visit, from which devices the website is accessed, from which location, how much time is spent on the site, which are the most frequently visited pages, as well as which words and search terms are used on our website. This data is used exclusively to make our website as high quality as possible for visitors, and to improve the pages and to provide all the information that can be published.

We use the collected data to create various insights, reports and analyses, including statistics on the audience that viewed certain content or on the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

To make our marketing as effective as possible, we may also receive data from trusted third parties to help us understand what might be of interest to you. This “profiling” information is generated from a variety of sources, including publicly available data or from sources such as analytics and surveys, where you have given permission to share the data. You can choose not to share such data with us in the event of such activities, by having the opportunity to refuse such processing.

We do not collect or store any personal information about children under the age of 16. To access the website, the Visitor must be over 18 years of age, and the Visitor is solely responsible for the correctness of the given data.


3. Information regarding Internet advertising
Foster + Svensson can collect data related to online advertising through special cookies. “Cookies”, about which we will provide more information in the following paragraphs.


4. What information is provided to third parties, if any
The collected data is the sole property of the Foster + Svensson agency and access will not be provided to third parties except in the event of a legal dispute or request from competent authorities.


5. How you can change or control collected data
You can check the data that Foster + Svensson has about you by sending an email inquiry to At any time, you can request the modification or deletion of your data through the person in charge of taking care of the user’s data protection.

At the Foster + Svensson, we have an assigned person in charge of data protection and privacy, who can be contacted by email at


6. Information for users located outside the EU
Access to the website is primarily intended for persons and companies located and operating in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, where all data of persons outside or in the EU who access this website will be treated in accordance with this Policy.


7. Change of Privacy Policy
If at any time Foster + Svensson decides to retain or use personal data in a different way, Foster + Svensson will notify its information about this by email or posting a notice on this website at least 30 days before the change in use.

Changes to this “Privacy and data protection policy” in full, or its individual parts are possible by Foster + Svensson and can take effect immediately after publishing at website. To make sure you are always updated, please check this page regularly.


8. Other information related to your privacy
Access to your personal data will only be granted to those authorized persons and departments within the Foster + Svensson agency that must be familiar with that data to be able to carry out their activities. We will not disclose any of your personal data to third parties, nor to any external bodies or organizations, except as stated below, or if you do not give us your consent for data transfer or if data transfer is not required based on the application of the law, i.e., if data transfer is not allowed by law.

In addition to the above, we may engage other persons as Personal Data Processors to provide services to us, and we may share your personal information with such persons, as well as with legal and other advisors, consultants who assist us. In all these cases, we make every effort to preserve the confidentiality of your personal data, for example by entering into a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.

Various services that function within the website and make the overall impression when visiting the website as good as possible for the visitors. For example, a global data analytics application – Google Analytics may collect data about the content viewed (e.g., which ad campaign), where the content was viewed (e.g., on which website, web page or in which application) and general information about the device on which content viewed (e.g. tablet or smartphone, advertising identifier, IP address, operating system, location).

We do not tell these third parties what content their users have viewed, and Google Analytics cannot learn the identity of users of other companies.

We do not identify or attempt to identify individuals when conducting market research. Our agency randomly displays short surveys to visitors who may or may not have been exposed to the content of the website. Answers are voluntary. If the visitor answers the survey question, the answer is stored in the database. Surveys do not request or collect any data that can directly identify site visitors.

Many of software’s and website allows you to send us an email. We will use the information you provide to respond to your inquiry. We will only send you general information via email. We should remind you that email may not necessarily be protected from interception. Therefore, we suggest that you do not send us sensitive personal data (such as your personal ID number) by email as and when it is not required.


9. How to contact Foster + Svensson regarding any concerns or questions regarding your personal data?
For all questions regarding your personal data, you can contact the person in charge of data protection and privacy by sending an email:

Data Protection Officer; e-mail:


10. Cookies and links to other websites
The may use cookies to improve user experience while using our website. Cookies are small pieces of data that your browser stores locally, which remember information and help you identify yourself on websites during subsequent visits. Cookies are uniquely assigned to a computer and can only be read by the server in the domain that issued the cookie. In general, cookies help users by performing certain functions such as remembering passwords and personal preferences regarding websites.

You may be given the option to accept or decline cookies. Most Internet browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually change your browser settings to refuse cookies. Alternatively, you can change your browser settings to notify you each time a cookie is offered and allow you to individually accept or decline cookies. However, if you refuse to accept a cookie, it may interfere with the operation and negatively affect the use of the website. Our software may contain links to other websites. Foster + Svensson is not responsible for the privacy policies or content of other websites or third parties.

We use cookies for several reasons:

– for analytical and statistical purposes to track how many visitors we have and how often they visit our websites (we collect information that indicates which of our pages are most frequently visited and by which types of users and from which countries)
– we use other organizations to collect anonymous user data, sometimes through cookies and web beacons, (data embedded in images that allow them to analyze how the website is used and the number of visitors). For example, our websites may contain certain proprietary measurement software, which will allow you to contribute to market research
– we and other advertisers may use statistical cookies to track who has seen and clicked on an ad
– placing cookies on your computer means that we can show you ads that may be of interest to you and allows us to control how many times you see them and measure how effective the ad campaign was
– we may use “Flash” cookies to save your preferences for your media device (for example, volume and so on). If we don’t use them, you may not be able to watch some video content. You can turn-off cookies, but if you do, you may not be able to use all the services on our websites and you may see more pop-ups and other advertising. This is because we won’t be able to limit what you see with cookies. However, you will still be able to see our editorial content
– we or other companies may use cookies to suggest and deliver content that we believe may be of interest to you

As you browse our pages on the website, some of the cookies we place on your computer will be advertising cookies so that we can better understand what pages interest you. We may then display advertising in your browser based on those observed interests. For example, if you read a lot of articles about food and drink, you may be shown more ads for food and drink. It is important to remember that none of the techniques we use will collect information such as your name, email address, postal address, or telephone number.

We may also share anonymized behavioral data with advertising partners, including commercial organizations that fund content marked as “Supported”, “Paid / Paid Content” or “Advertiser / Our Advertiser Content”. This may mean that other websites will show you advertisements based on your behavior on our or third-party websites. We may also show you advertising messages on our website based on your behavior on other websites.

Some of the advertisers allow ads to be served based on your browsing patterns and interactions with web pages outside of our website. For example, if you visited the website of an online clothing store, you may start seeing ads from that same shopping website that show special offers or products that you viewed. This allows companies to advertise directly to you if you leave their website without making a purchase.

Opting-out of receiving this type of advertising does not mean that you will no longer receive advertising messages when you use our websites. It just means that the advertising you see won’t be tailored to you.

Mobile advertising may require the collection and sharing of a unique device ID with companies that purchase advertising space in the mobile application.


11. Applications and locations where your data is stored
Your data is centrally located within the Foster + Svensson agency and the website. The above data is in Belgrade (Serbia) and its stored in the Foster + Svensson agency, as well as on the servers of our hosting partner EUnet Mainstram Public Cloud Services in Belgrade and Kragujevac (Serbia). Below you can see where everything is located and where your data can be found, which you submitted to us when you visited website, or by personally contacting us in the form of mail, email or a phone call.

Apps and locations where your data resides are:

Data collector: FOSTER + SVENSSON D.O.O.
Reason for data collection: Providing access to the website, the ability to make contact, send emails, read information and content on the website.
Type of data collected: Cookies and usage data, IP address.
Platform name: Foster + Svensson backoffice, CMS, Apple Brain.
Place of processing: Belgrade (Serbia).

Reason for data collection: Enabling access to the website..
Type of data collected: Cookies and data about use and access to the site.
Platform Name: Apache Server.
Place of processing: Belgrade, Kragujevac (Serbia).

Data collector: FOSTER + SVENSSON D.O.O.
Reason for data collection: Maintenance of the website and implementation of marketing activities.
Type of data collected: Cookies and usage data. Analytics of data and site visits, use of social networks and digital channels and IP addresses.
Platform name: CMS, Apple Brain.
Place of processing: Belgrade (Serbia).

Data collector: MTS. TELEKOM SRBIJA A.D.
Reason for data collection: Receiving and making phone calls, text messages.
Type of data collected: Phone numbers, call duration, call date and time, call listing, text messages
Platform name: Core.
Place of processing: Belgrade (Serbia).

Reason for data collection: Google TAG – tag manager.
Type of data collected: Cookies and usage data. We use Google Analytics / GTM on our websites to anonymously report usage and advertise on that website. Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google uses the collected data to monitor and examine the use of the website / application, to prepare reports on its activities and to share it with other Google services. Google may use the collected data to contextualize and personalize the ads of its own advertising network.
Platform name: Google Analytics.
Place of processing: Santa Clara (USA).

Reason for data collection: Remarketing via Google Analytics for display advertising. Google Analytics for display advertising is a re-advertising and behavioral targeting service provided by Google that links the tracking activity performed by Google Analytics and its cookies with the Adwords advertising network and the Doubleclick cookie.
Type of data collected: Cookies and usage data.
Platform name: Google Analytics.
Place of processing: Santa Clara (USA).

Data collector: APPLE INC.
Reason for data collection: Receiving and making FaceTime, FaceAudio calls, iMessages, sharing files.
Type of data collected: Phone numbers, call duration, call date and time, call listing, email addresses, messages, shared files.
Platform name: iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime.
Place of processing: Cupertino (USA).


This Privacy was last updaed on November 1, 2023. By using the Foster + Svensson website at, you accept this Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy.