Brand and identity design

We develop the cornerstones for an unmistakable identity, which serves as the basis for the further creative and design process. A fundamentals from logo and colour palette through to bespoke typography, imagery and redesign.

Digital and e-commerce

We develop digital brand experiences always centered on the user journey and focused on maximum effectiveness. Our UX/UI designers and developers design state-of-the-art solutions such as websites, e-commerce platforms, digital strategies, apps, social media campaigns and coding.

Strategy and corporate communications

We support our clients as long term strategic and creative sparring partner. Words are powerful tool coming from our mind, so we design a distinctive tone of voice, define target audience and messaging that’s right for your brand or repositioning.

Motion graphics and animation

We define how your products, services and your brand overall is heard and how it moves. We create sonic and sensory identities, sounds, motion graphics and animation that gives new life to your brand, through broadcast, digital or outdoor.

Creating meaningful brand experiences that work and are loved by people

We design brands, use digital technology, data and strategy to create contemporary visual identities, services and experiences to our corporate clients

Over 2000 designed and executed projects for more than 130 brands and small, medium and corporate clients

Awards and accolades

Foster + Svensson
Brand Institute

Specialized education disciplines and modules for personals and companies in creative, design, marketing and advertising, along with business executive trainings and special tailor-made programs are grouped within a form of academy led by seasoned professionals with over 20+ years of experience.

Foster + Svensson Brand Institute promotes interdisciplinary thinking, research, studies, quality education and masterclass programs to help new generations of designers, marketers, managers, directors, and vice presidents to anticipate the future and create meaningful brand experiences.

We aim to be a flagship company, which will be a role model of corporate sustainability and high business standards by supporting local economy and people wellbeing.

We are pleased when the success remains recorded. People of Foster + Svensson shares an equally passion for achieving top results and honours.

With rich artistic heritage, we are creating private contemporary art collection that will present legacy for the next generation.

Legacy since 1860

Our agency is over 1 century of family legacy which brings rich history in visual arts, music, painting, architecture and sculpture. Our descendants are from families which worked with sculptor Ivan Meštrović on creating “The Victor” monument and the Memorial monument to the unknown Hero atop of Mt. Avala in Belgrade, for which they are awarded in 1938 by King Peter II Karađorđević of Yugoslavia with Royal Household Silver Medal with Crown Rare.

Foster + Svensson is one of the founders of MAI Marina Abramović Institute.