How we work

We design brands, use digital technology, data, and strategy to create contemporary visual identities, services, and experiences to our corporate clients. Here at Foster + Svensson we believe that communication and advertising messages must be made of intelligence, creativity and being bold. All that, design, and tech centred. We want to disrupt the market. To create projects that will have an impact on people’s life. Either to attract people attention, create desire for product or service purchase, or to trigger emotion.

This can be enabled if we create solutions which are born out of intelligence, where every single detail is measured, calculated, and have its own logical purpose. We pack all in visually attractive and appealing design, which needs to be functional, creative enough, yet to differ from the market, competitors, and expectations overall. Every media channel has its own way of use, with different target group behaviour, way of use. So, we are adjusting our creatives.

By nurturing and growing our client expectations we see that post-digital age shows no signs of slowing down, thus making a need for intelligent creativity and new ideas to be powered by innovation and technology. Strategy and vision cannot be realized without in depth know-how. An agency which behaves and acts with corporate mindset and understanding is a must. We have partnered with our clients to drive real innovation on the market, helping transform and grow business. Work process needs to be fresh, modern, but strict and fast, and that is why we apply 4-step approach in our work.

When we receive input or a brief, we also collect and gather all relevant data which may help us in shaping the best possible solution. Such collected inputs we prepare for deep analysis.

We analyze collected data to match with brand relevancy, where first sketches and ideas are made. Analysis helps us to better understand the project, its goals and deliverables.

With the use of analyzed data and sketches, we create, design and develop, while embracing innovation and drive new value for the brand and the people.

We apply creative work, designs, and solutions as our project, while we also monitor project roll-out for the sake of business growth, by providing results from day one.