People culture

At Foster + Svensson we nurture and foster creativity and work-life balance. We believe that people get most of ideas outside of work, while being inspired at any place. Most of the ideas are coming out during open discussions too, which are human, more appealing and have greater impact than the one imposed. Therefore, we foster friendly environment at work, so we allow our employees to explore client brands and products more deeply, than just getting the brief from them. From point of being creatively amazed, to point of being punctual towards client. Free to wonder yet disciplined in work.

When we go out to café, a restaurant, or a hotel, we not only expect to enjoy hospitality service, but we also explore the brand, the service, how menus are designed, the look of an interior, furniture, lighting, the scent, the music, the atmosphere, how uniforms are designed, how name tags are created, which paper is being used for printed menus and brochures, how glassware and cutlery are placed and kept, even how the receipt is being delivered and represented. We pay attention on every single detail and overall experience. Same applies when we go to the supermarkets, petrol stations, banks, stores, pharmacies, bookstores, museums, airlines. We seek for all kind of examples (good or bad), because they represent the brand and teach us in practice, how we should apply or avoid them in our work, and for our clients. It’s an exercise we apply daily. We do that because we design brands and identities that will have an impact on people’s life. We are the branding agency.

At Foster + Svensson we also highlight the importance of constant informing and educating ourselves, either by upgrading formal education, or by workshops, trainings, conferences accessing and reading high quality literature, visiting museums, galleries, exhibitions, theatres, and events. That is why we encourage people at Foster + Svensson to read books, magazines and articles about art, design, architecture, history, people, photography, popular culture, lifestyle, travel, graphics, decorative arts, science, and technology, but also to educate and update ourselves on client industries, latest trends, reports, and news.

Foster + Svensson design brands and identities that will have an impact on people’s life. We are the branding agency.

As a branding, independent agency, we’re building on our foundation of excellence by providing superior services to our clients, investing in our business, and working side-by-side with our people to unlock their potential and push talent beyond. Our people development strategy focuses on building a diverse and highly skilled employees, where we are constantly concentrated on training and upskilling people’s talent.

Foster + Svensson governance strategy focuses on maintaining a world-class, diverse senior management, which will help to ensure the agency and its employees operate ethically. We also implemented rigorous policies and practices for data privacy and protection, as well as human rights procedures, and established policies to govern corporate behavior regarding labor, health and safety, community engagement, and to address modern slavery risks, while setting a high standard for human rights of our employees. We protect our employees from overworking, overburning and setting a proper work-life balance.

As we work in creative industry, we need to ensure that our employees are motivated, well rested and passioned for work we create. We expect professionalism in work, as this is something that we offer and how we work. We expect from our clients to treat us exactly as they would be treated. We provide first-class account and project management, along with our creative and design work, backed with in-depth research, knowledge and expertise. We do not accept toxic environment or communication, and for that reason we rather discontinue cooperation with such clients, to protect our business and employees. Foundations of our people and business culture are equality, respect and mutual understanding of expertise and profession. At the end, we are the branding agency hired to provide expertise, and that is what our people have to offer.