Creative and design

We create and design extraordinary visual content. Creating or designing is not only placing several elements, or using simple wording. It is a complete set of design tools, research, thinking, and nomenclature systems that will define tone of voice, jargon we use, and create visual identity and marketing collateral for the brand. At Foster + Svensson, we don’t take brand, design, marketing and communications for granted. We use variety of tools, experience and knowledge, from design studies and psychology, to use of mathematics and geometry.

Creativity is found in a number of disciplines, primarily psychology, business studies, and cognitive science, but also technology, philosophy (particularly philosophy of science, sociology and linguistics), covering the relations between creativity and general intelligence, personality type, mental and neurological processes, or artificial intelligence (AI). When we design, we rather think what the goal would be, what we want to accomplish with such design and how it will affect the people. But also, to whom we are addressing our messages.
The uniqueness in design and work of Foster + Svensson for its clients lies in its dimensional aspect. We carefully consider where designed material will be used, placed, published, or broadcasted, since every communication channel has different way or approach. That means that very same message or visual will look differently on digital, compared to print, however it will follow the brand form and aesthetics, but designed for that certain communication channel. In our work we celebrate the space, use variety of available graphic elements, from visual to vocabular, all aligning according to design standards and principals, respecting hierarchy of message delivery. Our designs are also carefully crafted, targeting the right audience with relevant offer and aesthetically pleasing visuals and wording.

Something that our award-winning team of designers, strategists and directors studied for years at faculties and gained master’s degrees in design and communication, while gaining over 20 years of operational and executional experience while having worked from both client and the agency side with a 360° perspective.

For a company to exude a strong sense of brand identity, it must have an in-depth understanding of its target market, competitors and the surrounding business environment.
We aim to support our clients in setting-up and creating proper communication across different communication channels. Our goal is to create recognizable, yet unique tools for mastering tone of voice, visual presence, and overall communication. We organize brands, products, and services by using our design system to help people understand brand’s offer and create aspirational desire to own, buy and use products and services from the brand.

Foster + Svensson can provide its support, where we design principles, logos, fonts, typography, set the imagery, color system and its palette, define brand device, tone of voice and jargon. When designing we create elements and assets such as graphical, but also extended like sonic and motion, as we can uplift the brand not only with visual enhancement, by adding sonic communication through motion, haptics, and sound.

Beside the brand visual elements, such as logo and the color, along with content, the language also conveys the brand attitude. We communicate with people with clear and simple words (honest and human). Headlines are very important as we use them to draw attention to specific benefit. Good communication is systematically structured: eye-catching headlines, key visuals, and an explanation of the core message that connects people with the content of a body copy to satisfy the need for information, be recognized as useful and relevant. Within typography, we pay attention on font, sizing, weights, paragraphs, rhythm spacing, usage and define principles.

Colors are a basic part of any visual. We define or align in how to use coloring system in digital, broadcast and print. Colors have been selected that can adequately convey the brand message. Consistency in the application of color is an indispensable item in the creation and application of successful brand identities. Color palette is being used for graphical elements positioned within the composition of all elements. This palette also helps us to identify proper imagery and its tone, to be aligned with the brand color guide. We use color ratio to define visual style of any communication material and its design.

Brand visuals and designs are cosnsited of several different graphic elements. They are different font types, text, headlines, subheadlines, the imagery, logos or even disclaimers when necessary. We love small letters and disclaimers. We perceive them as important graphic element which needs to be placed on the proper location of the visual, by securing its visibility, yet being aligned with regulations. When placing a disclaimer on a visual, for us it is not just a small/fine print. It is a graphic element with a high importance, yet the one which needs to be harmonized with rest of the composition.

The imagery, photography and art direction used within communication materials should always follow defined mood board or a guideline. Color tone, colorization, level of image sharpness should be kept at the same level for any key visual. Difference may occur when using assets from the brands directly, however this tone can be easily accepted in marketing communication by adding designed elements. By doing this, we are overtaking our key visual back and creating harmonized and recognizable composition with the same tone.

All this at the end comes into designing variety of posters, visuals, social media posts, banners, websites, microsites, newsletters, corporate reports, books and magazines, stationary, print ads, digital ads, packaging, catalogues, billboards, citylights, and even PowerPoint presentations which are important for internal and external presentations and keynotes.

Design is seriously studied and backed with complete set of tools, research, thinking, target audience, pshychology, and nomenclature systems that will define the final outcome in a form of marketing material or collateral. At Foster + Svensson we created a set of disciplines and grouped our services in several main streams with its corresponding components.

Graphic design

Font design, Composition noise, Color correction, Clipping path, Illustration, Data visualization, Master slides design, Prototyping, Photo and image editing, Retouching, Styling, Typography

Digital design

Campaign microsite design, Display banner design, Banner design, E-mail signatures, HTML 5 banner design and coding, Newsletters design and coding, Modeling, PDF documents design, Rendering, Social media, Website design, Whitepaper documents design


Animation, Advertising campaigns, Campaign concepts, Communication aesthetics, Design concepts, Digital campaigns, Copywriting, Postproduction, Radio ads, Storyboard, Visual concept, Tactical campaigns, TVC, TV bumpers, Voiceover, 2D/3D animations


Catalogue design, Corporate reports design, Bags design, Book design, Booklet design, Brochure design, Business cards, Direct mail, Envelopes, Foil graphics design, Folders, Label design, Leaflet design, Letterheads, Magazine design, Memos, Packaging design, Poster design, Print ads, Prepress, Stamp design, Stationary design, Signatures, Sticker design, Window graphics design, Wobblers

Public experiences

Billboards, Citylights, Conference keynote presentations, Experimental, Indoor branding, Interior design, OOH, POOH, Photography, Public corporate presentations, Retail design, Uniform design, Visual communication

Over the years we designed for clients and brands Telenor Group, Samsung, Huawei, Hisense, ASKO, Telekom Serbia, MTS, MTEL, Galerija, Zara, Scavolini, HYCU, Oaza Zdravlja, Apothecary, Advanced Talent Solutions, Heads Adriatic, Qonnexa, Pionir, HVB Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, Addiko Bank, Banca Intesa, AIK Banka, UniCredit Bank, Mastercard, P&G, Knez Petrol, Select Milk, Richter Gedeon, Renault, to name a few respective clients.