Foster + Svensson Brand Institute

We share our knowledge. We share our experience. Over the past few years, we supported our colleagues from different industries, including our own, where we helped in sharing know-how and establishing growth initiatives. We also lecture at faculties and companies, where we share our experience with future commers in a form of professional trainings, workshops, and masterclasses.

We are working in creative industry and providing creative services to our clients. Yet, we are also responsible for people to understand what our industry does, how do we do it, and what are the ground business rules in branding, communication, design, marketing, and business overall. Foster + Svensson Brand Institute is focused on three main programs:

DESIGN STUDIES (creating and supporting programs for personals and companies that will move forward society towards fine arts and design)
Within the design studies, we elaborate basics we learn during our formal education and during operational work. This program is more focused on people and companies which aim to learn more about how visual design can support communication.

QUALITY EDUCATION & MASTERCLASS (lifelong learning opportunities in business and marketing)
Within quality education and masterclass, we create special programs for individuals, groups, and companies to whom we share knowledge on how to define strategy, what are the tactical tools and how to use them, defining P&L and KPI’s, using project management tools and how to run teams, and how to create effective campaigns or communication which will have an impact on the market.

LEADERSHIP ADVISORY (special tailor-made programs for managers, directors, V-level, and C-level management)
With our strategic partners from HR industry, Foster + Svensson Brand Institute is offering variety of people and business management workshops, trainings, including leadership development and advisory.

Specialized education disciplines and modules in marketing, creative, design, and business executive trainings

Foster + Svensson Brand Institute is specialized in masterclass education modules, programs and disciplines for personals and companies in creative, design and advertising, along with business executive trainings in marketing and communication, and special tailor-made programs for managers, directors, V-level, and C-level management are grouped within a form of academy led by seasoned professionals with over 20 years of experience. Foster + Svensson Brand Institute promotes interdisciplinary thinking, research, studies, quality education and masterclass to help new generations of designers, marketers, directors, and vice-presidents to anticipate the future.

We believe that education is an ongoing process during work, experience and out of the office. We are constantly looking for the new knowledge and gain experience. Gained knowledge we share among our employees, clients, and partners, to constantly evolve and grow. We have also created internal system called ”Brain” where we store, archive, and access our database of ideas, work, projects, and its executions, making it educational yet accessible to employees to fast track and update themselves easily on project statuses, deliverables, elements, and material overall.

In addition, we are not self-centered. We want to share key learnings, expertise and what we have learned in order to evolve together. We lectured at AIESEC Career Days, IREX Journalism Workshop, Mokrogorska, MEF Faculty of Applied Management, Economics and Finance, JAF, where our employees lectured students and professionals in area of advertising, business administration, media and marketing, by combining theoretical with practical work. In 2023, we organized a series of lecturing and trainings for companies in area of B2B and digital marketing, supported by Advantage Austria.