Motion graphics and animation

We define how your products, services and your brand overall is heard and how it moves. We create sonic and sensory identities, sounds, motion graphics and animation that gives new life to your brand, through broadcast, digital or outdoor.

At Foster + Svensson, we create an effective, eye-catching way to communicate with people. We use motion graphics to produce wide range of high-quality videos and animations, an extremely connected content with the advances in technology, so naturally, their evolution is intertwined.

Motion graphics have enabled companies to create bolder, more interactive and creative way to communicate with people. It can be either in form of brand identity, where logo, brand device or any other graphic element could be designed as 3D, animated, or graphics is used as standardized TV commercial with supers and enriched motion visual elements. Besides, even offline retailers are using motion graphics in their stores to animate customers or to create certain activations, an entertainment for shoppers, where they can use digital media to explore products even more, and create a desire to buy them.

Here at Foster + Svensson, we are proud that we were involved in history of creation and launch of one of the first animated 3D logos and brand identities in the world for Telenor Group. Even our logo is animated, 3D and represents one of the first shape-shifting logos, setting a new trend in graphic design. Such shape-shifting logos are embracing dimensionality, offering creative liberty, where it celebrates space and physicality, enabling brand to be perceived visually in three dimensions.

Motion and visual branding is essential part of sensory branding.

When designing or redesigning the brand, or simply creating marketing material, we create elements and assets such as graphical, but also extended like sonic and motion, as we can uplift the brand not only with visual enhancement, by adding sonic communication through motion, haptics, and sound. While having stated visual and sight elements as foundation, we believe that companies can also benefit in having its own extended branding.

Motion and visual branding is essential part of sensory branding. The sensory branding is where all our five senses (or one) can be activated towards people, to create unique and recognizable brand identity. Sound is a sense that is often underestimated in marketing, however, along with sight it accounts for 99% of all brand communication. Sound affects our mood and psychological state, promotes peace of mind and alerts. Voices can also be used to create a connection between a brand and a sound. Voices are often perceived as personal, emotional and friendly which is why they are so effective for certain brands, however, a voice has to be used continuously and coherently in order to enhance the brand identity.

Overall, people or shoppers make more impulsive purchases when they’re overstimulated, namely with aural. Loud volume in retails stores leads to sensory overload, which weakens self-control, especially for younger population and with trendy music. Calmer sounds on the other hand can slow-down people, making them wish to stay more within the stores, meaning more browsing, longer shop visit duration and purchases.

Sensory branding has developed to encompass all five senses. This is because brands now recognize that the more senses appealed to, the more effective the branding will be. The sensory branding is a medium, an extended identity.

At Foster + Svensson, we don’t take brand, design, marketing and communications for granted. We use variety of tools, experience and knowledge, from design studies and psychology, to use of mathematics and geometry. Something that our team of designers, strategists and directors studied for years at faculties and gained master’s degrees in design and communication, while gaining over 20 years of operational and executional experience while having worked from both client and the agency side with a 360° perspective. That is why we at Foster + Svensson created a set of disciplines and grouped our services in several main streams with its corresponding components.


2D animation, 3D animation, CGI, Drawing and sketching, Facial animation, Geometry, GIF, Lighting, Medical animation, Modeling, Morph target animation, Motion capture, Path tracing, Photorealistic rendering, Polygons, Procedural animation, Ray tracing, Realism, Rendering, Skeletal animation, Stop motion, Textures, Web animation, Wire-frame model

Motion graphics

Aesthetics, Computer-drawn drawings, Design concepts, Digital campaigns, Graphics Lab, Hand-drawn drawings, HTML5 motion graphics and video, Illustration, Key frames, Morphing, Tracking, TV opening credits

Video production

Advertising campaigns, Art direction, Campaign concepts, Color correction, Copywriting, Formatting, Image editing, Instore videos, Live broadcast, Digital OOH and POOH, Photography, Postproduction, Staging, Storyboard, Styling, TVC, TV bumpers, Video editing

Audio production

Jingles, Memorable short sound sequences, Radio ads, Sonic identity, Sound recording Voiceover

Sensory experience

Digital sensory, Experimental, Multi-sensory experience

Over the years we designed, developed, and created animations and motion graphics for clients including Telenor Group, The X Factor, MB Hem Petrol, Avia, Avon, Samsung, Hisense, Oaza Zdravlja, Smartacus, Galerija, Frajni, P&G, Pantene, Pionir, to name a few respective clients.