Terms and conditions

At Foster + Svensson we believe in transparency. That is why we created Terms and Conditions of website use, so you could be informed in which way, and how, we use this website together with you as our Visitor.

Our Terms and Conditions page are designed to inform you about details of our website use, how intellectual and proprietary rights are being used, what methods of processing personal data we apply, what kind of security and protection we applied on our website, how we use collected personal data and how we also exhange emails during our correspondance.

1.1 Detailed information about the Terms and Conditions
This page defines the Terms and Conditions of use of www.fostersvensson.com website, that enable users (hereinafter: “User” and/or “Visitor”) to view the content on the website. The valid laws and regulations of the Republic of Serbia apply to the complete stated Terms and Conditions. Prior visiting this website it is necessary to carefully read this page and familiarize yourself with the rights and obligations before any further review and access to the contents found on the www.fostersvensson.com site. 

This website is made and edited by Foster + Svensson d.o.o. (Foster + Svensson Ltd.) with headquarters at Str. Preševska 98, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia, company ID number: 20922079, TIN number: 108045843 (hereinafter: “Foster + Svensson”). The term “Website” in this document includes all pages that are published within the internet address www.fostersvensson.com. The term “Foster + Svensson” represents a trademark, i.e., a brand created and owned by Foster + Svensson d.o.o. branding agency.

Foster + Svensson fully reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time, as well as in the event that it is necessary to align with the regulations and laws of the Republic of Serbia, or if it is necessary in the event of a change in internal procedures, decisions, acts and business practices of Foster + Svensson, as well as in the case of improving services in order to improve Visitor satisfaction. All changes that are made will be published on this internet site and will come into force immediately after publication.

The stated Terms and Conditions prescribe and define the conditions and rules related to the use of this internet site by the User, i.e., Visitors.


1.2 Intellectual and proprietary rights
The complete content and all materials published on this website are owned by Foster + Svensson, except for links and content where it is stated that it is external, i.e., external links outside the website www.fostersvensson.com. Also, the website www.fostersvensson.com contains content and materials created by third parties, i.e., owned by the clients, vendors, and partners of Foster + Svensson, or product manufacturers, their trademarks, and brands.

Any type of use of content from this website without the written consent and approval of Foster + Svensson is not in accordance with the regulations governing the protection of intellectual property. Name Foster + Svensson and the corresponding graphic representation, logo, as well as the brand “Foster + Svensson” with the corresponding graphic element(s) of the brand, are also trademarks of Foster + Svensson and are subject to regulations that protect intellectual property. Use of the content of this website without the express consent of Foster + Svensson does not comply with the regulations governing the protection of intellectual property.

Photographs, illustrations, video content, logos, brands, products, and names displayed and mentioned on www.fostersvensson.com website may be or are trademarks of their respective companies.


1.3 Use of the www.fostersvensson.com website
The User and/or Visitor expressly agrees to use the website www.fostersvensson.com at their own risk. Neither Foster + Svensson nor any of its employees, agents, partners, third party service providers or licensed companies warrant that the use of this website will not be interrupted, intercepted or error free, nor does it warrant that (and) the consequences of may arise from the use of this website, or/and for the accuracy, reliability or content of any information, services, or products available through this website.

This disclaimer applies to all ordinary damages and consequential damages caused by any defect, error, omission, interruption, deletion, malfunction, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus, communication interruption, theft, destruction or unauthorized by accessing, changing or abusing records on computer equipment or the user’s property, i.e. visitor, termination of contract, inappropriate behavior, negligence, or any other action of Foster + Svensson or its employees, agents and/or third party service providers.

The User, i.e., the Visitor, hereby expressly confirms that Foster + Svensson is not responsible for any possible offensive, inappropriate, or illegal behavior of other Users or third parties, and that the risk of damages that may arise because of the above is fully borne by the User, i.e., the Visitor.

Foster + Svensson or other person(s) and/or companies involved in the creation, production or distribution of this website, or related content and/or software shall in no case be liable for any damage that may arise because of use or inability to use of this website. The User, that is, the Visitor expressly confirms that the Terms and Conditions of this chapter refer to the entire content of this website.

User, i.e. The Visitor is exclusively and solely responsible for the acquisition, maintenance and use of his own digital equipment and internet for accessing www.fostersvensson.com


1.4 Method of processing personal data
By visiting www.fostersvensson.com website, and accepting the “Cookies”, the User, i.e. the Visitor, gives his consent, i.e. his consent to Foster + Svensson, related companies and its partners, to collect, process and mutually exchange the following data: IP address from which www .fostersvensson.com website is being accessed, type of internet browser, type of device from which the site is accessed, location, date and time of website visit, language preset on device which is used while accessing the website, previous history of website visit.

The website www.fostersvensson.com uses “Cookies” during the browsing process and session to be able to recognize and remember the User, when visiting the website and thus enable optimized access to the website.

The pages published at the www.fostersvensson.com website are owned by Foster + Svensson, where confidential data is exchanged such as, but not limiting to password, access code, etc., are protected using SSL security protocol and certificate (128-bit data protection). SSL security coding is a standard data protection technology that enables secure data exchange between the User’s browser and the www.fostersvensson.com website.


1.5 Security and protection of personal data
Foster + Svensson will ensure the privacy and protection of personal data and all other details between www.fostersvensson.com website and the User are in the accordance with the Privacy Policy.

By sending information, additional materials, ideas, concepts, knowledge, or certain know-how to Foster + Svensson, the User grants Foster + Svensson an unlimited and irrevocable license to use, perform, copy, display, modify, distribute or transmit the information and materials and agrees that Foster + Svensson is free to use them for any purpose, unless such are previously stated that are not for sharing, further distribution or marked as confidential. Foster + Svensson reserves the right and will not publish the name of the User, or in any other way publish the fact that the same has sent materials, as well as other specified information or ideas, unless:

(1) obtain permission from the User to use his name; or
(2) previously inform the User that the materials or other information sent through certain parts and pages on the website will be published or otherwise used together with the User’s; or
(3) is required to do so by local applicable law.

Any communication between Foster + Svensson and the User is considered confidential, unless otherwise indicated. If it happens that some pages allow the publication of communications between the User and Foster + Svensson, the User is obliged to inform Foster + Svensson about this.

By sending and publishing comments, other content and messages on the website, the User grants Foster + Svensson the right to use such content, comments, and messages for the purpose of promotion, market research, advertising or for any other permitted purpose.

All materials published, sent or being available on this website will not be considered as confidential, nor perceived a trade secret. By submitting material through this website, Foster + Svensson is authorized to use it without limitation for any purpose, including reproduction, transmission, publication, broadcast or use in any other way, without obligation to pay any compensation.


1.6 Notice on the use of personal data of the Users
Foster + Svensson collects only necessary, basic data about Users and necessary data for business purposes, as well as informing Users in accordance with good business practices and with the aim of providing quality service. We do not use the collected data for any other purposes, nor will they be forwarded to third parties except in case of legal necessity.

In addition to the above data, we collect, analyze and process data on the pages that have been visited, the page visit duration, the pages that have been shared on social media networks or the internet in general, the parts of the pages that are viewed, that is, in general, all pages of www.fostersvensson.com that have been visited and in what way. This data is used exclusively to make our site as high-quality as possible for Users, and to improve pages and enable easiest way of website use.


1.7 Email exchange
Domain name fostersvensson.com and its servers are used for hosting not only Foster + Svensson website, but also for sending, receiving, sharing, storing, and archiving emails. Such emails are being exchanged between employees and representatives of Foster + Svensson with its clients, business partners, vendors, suppliers, government officials, and persons contacting Foster + Svensson and expressing interest for cooperation, either in a business-related way, or by sending their personal details such as working biographies, pitch decks, credentials and offers.

Email (including any attachments) contains information which may be confidential and/or subject to legal privilege. It is for the exclusive use of the intended recipient(s). If you have received email from Foster + Svensson in error, please do not distribute, copy, or use such email or its contents, but notify the sender immediately and then destroy any copies of it. Emails can be handled as confidential and cannot be used, forwarded, modified, presented in any matter, including full and/or graphics, photos, images, illustrations, text, attachments, creative work, and ideas without prior written approval of the author(s) and Foster + Svensson. None of the received content may be used and/or altered in anyway, including further distribution, and will be considered as copyright breach. Received emails are not allowed to be shared with parties to whom they are not dedicated, to propose and/or create similar or same content. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials in received emails from Foster + Svensson and its employees are copyrighted by Foster + Svensson and/or respective author(s). Any views expressed in received emails from employees are personal to its sender and are not those of Foster + Svensson unless specifically stated otherwise.

Internet communication is not always secure and Foster + Svensson is not responsible for its abuse by third parties, nor for any alteration or corruption in transmission, nor for any damage or loss caused by any malware and/or other defect(s) by emails.


1.8 Unsolicited communication
At Foster + Svensson we don’t use emails, phone calls, and/or messaging for bulk and cold messages sending or receive. If your intent is to contact Foster + Svensson employee without prior knowing them personally, do that by contacting our switchboard or office email. Our policy forbids communication with senders and/or parties which found out direct email addresses and/or phone numbers of our employees, without their prior personal contact exchange, and/or consent. On such emails, messages and/or phone calls employees at Foster + Svensson are not obligated to reply and/or answer, neither such contact shall be perceived as relevant. Our servers will automatically mark such emails and/or messages as spam and proceed with its removal.

By continuing to call and/or send bulk emails and messages, sender(s) domain name and/or number which is used for making such calls and/or mail sending and distribution will be blacklisted by our servers, and prevent any further possible communication. We strongly advise not to send bulk, unsolicited emails and make unsolicited calls to Foster + Svensson employees, unless they gave their prior consent or opted-in to receive.


These Terms and Conditions were last updated on March 6, 2024. By using and accessing www.fostersvensson.com website, you accept these Terms and Conditions made by Foster + Svensson.