We develop digital brand experiences always centered on the user journey and focused on maximum effectiveness. Our UX/UI designers and developers design state-of-the-art solutions such as websites, e-commerce platforms, digital strategies, mobile apps, social media campaigns and coding.

Foster + Svensson has expertise and a comprehensive set of digital and technology services around hybrid solutions and business resiliency which will enable digital transformation or design for any brand.

With more than 20 years being in digital, Foster + Svensson pioneered its experience by designing, coding and developing websites, campaign microsites, e-commerce, mobile apps, and creating online presence strategies. We also provide services such as designing or localizing digital assets including animated and static banners, coding HTML banners, creating social media content and digital toolbox. Foster + Svensson is affiliate partner of EUnet, where we secure SSL certificates, domains, and hosting in a state-of-the-art Tier-3 data center.

Foster + Svensson accelerates the impact of technology across client’s business

Digital became one of the primary channels of communication, information, and online shopping, to which all age groups are turned, even those who used the Internet exclusively as kind of entertainment or just to exchange emails.

Although it may seem unimportant at first glance, the choice of hosting provider is one of the most important, not only for the functioning of your site and email communication, but also indirectly for the reputation of the company itself. The cooperation you establish with the hosting provider should be a partnership that will last for years and that will allow you not to actively worry about one part of your business activities.

Foster + Svensson takes care of protection and security on the Internet in several different ways from the first step when establishing cooperation with its clients. Our priority is the safety of the client and the safety of the users, so we make sure that all servers hosting our clients’ websites, microsites and applications are in a state-of-the-art Tier-3 data center that represents the most modern and highest level of services with high guaranteed availability 24 hours a day. We use upgraded servers that have continuous uptime and with upgraded infrastructure, characterized by high security, increased speed and stable SSD and Cloud servers.

The availability of Internet sites and applications is important for building user trust, especially in the domain of e-commerce when purchasing and paying for products is done through the site. Our platforms always have the latest software and security updates. Also, we enable full backup, which includes automatic creation and storage of the last 3 daily and 4 weekly backup copies of data, as well as the possibility of simple and independent content recovery. Backups are stored at a physically separate location (in another data center), in order to ensure data availability even in the event of a natural disaster or an unexpected breakdown at the primary location. When it comes to the protection of users’ private data, all servers are located in Serbia, which makes them fully compliant with the local Personal Data Protection Act, as well as European laws in the field of GDPR, which regulate the protection and storage of users’ private data. In this way, all private data about users is located in Serbia or in EU, and is available only to authorized persons.

We same apply for other countries, where our hosting offer includes various services such as shared or private web hosting on SSD drives, Cloud hosting and other services related to the support of websites, applications, microsites, newsletters, and emails located within the EU. Also, it is possible to use dedicated servers and SSL certificates, all with the aim of a safer and more secure environment, quality of services, data transfer speed, as well as the very performance of different types of sites – from basic presentation sites, microsites, applications, to robust e-commerce solutions.

Organizations and companies around the world have realized the importance of speed and management of digital workloads, as well as the possibilities to improve their business digital operations and online presence. Such business can be in the form of creating a website or e-commerce solution, but also the creation of entire digital strategies, tactics, and campaigns with the aim of getting as close as possible to the market and its target group. Digital activities can be design as stand-alone, or support in getting leads. Such activities includes informing the target audience, education, but also product or service sales, with the goal of online conversion, or converting people from digital to real world and creating bonding to the brand itself, as it will secure more sales in future.

Foster + Svensson nurtures the idea that every digital activity and business related to the Internet should have a strong foundation, and this is what we offer through our services, from the process of idea creation, development and design of solutions, to technical support, the setting of all elements and implementation of projects. We use latest technologies to design and create digital assets and marketing material. Our UX/UI designers work together with developers, graphic designers and strategists, in order to create state-of-the-art digital solutions and marketing campaigns.

Digital creative

Coded HTML banners, Consumer journey design, Content marketing, Copywriting, Digital campaign design, Digital publishing, Digital toolbox, Display campaigns, Interaction design, Newsletters, Online advertising (GDN, Performance Max, Search, Programmatic), SMS marketing, Social media, Static and animated banners, UI user interface design, UX user experience design, Website design

Digital development

Android and iOS apps, AWS Amazon Web Services, B2B web development, Campaign microsites, Cloud hosting, Custom-made CMS, Custom-made website development, HTML, HTML5 coding, Intelligent search, Newsletter signup bar and pop-up, Newsletter design, Intranet development, Live Chat Support, One-pager sites, PHP, PDP Product page development, Product review, Responsive design web development, SaaS hosting, Web hosting, Website development, Wireframing, WordPress

Security and regulatory

GDPR compliance, Cookies compliance, Privacy Policy compliance, Terms of use compliance, Promotion and sales regulation, CAPTCHA code integration, SSO Single sign-on integration, SSL certificates, Sectigo certificates, Thawte certificates, Trustwave certificates, E-mail security sertificate, Website backup, Two-factor authentification

Analytics and performance

Google Analytics, GA4, Adobe Omniture Analytics, Retargeting, SEO Search engine optimization, Reporting, SEM Search engine marketing, Rich snippet, CRM, Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, Website Health, Enchanced e-commerce (EEC)


Custom-made platforms, E-commerce hosting, Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Shopify, Payment processor integration, Bank cards integration (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, DinaCard), Apple Pay, Google Pay, Multicurrency payment support, Pay by link, Card on file, Recurring payment, Bank payment integration, C2C Click to collect, ERP and SAP integration, Stock management, SEF integration, Shipment delivery tracking, Warehouse integration, Digital invoice design, Confirmation email design, Promo codes, Promotional wheel, In-store finder

Over the years we designed, developed, and created for clients including Telenor Group, Telekom Serbia, MTS, MTEL, Raiffeisen Bank, Raiffeisen Premium Banking, Raiffeisen Leasing, UniCredit Bank, Banca Intesa, AIK Banka, Mastercard, Samsung, Huawei, Hisense, Nestlé, Alfa Plam, Almaks, ASKO, Darty, Oaza Zdravlja, Apothecary, Richter Gedeon, Renault, to name a few respective clients.