Foster + Svensson Foundation

Having a foundation for us is a legacy that will remain and live life after. That’s why our aspiration is to selflessly share our experience, knowledge and invest in our society by contributing its further development with modern values. Foster + Svensson Foundation is a special unit within the Foster + Svensson agency that focuses on 3 programs with the goal of increasing awareness of global philanthropy and changing people’s culture towards better societies.

The Foster + Svensson Foundation supports only those projects where the results will be available and benefit the public and humanity. Some of the activities so far include multi-year media campaigns to spread awareness about cerebral palsy, donations to the Charity Water Foundation, donations to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, the donation and establishment of the Marina Abramović Institute (MAI), and donation to the Multiple Sclerosis Association.

Foster + Svensson Foundation programs are:

SOCIAL INCLUSION (improving the ability, opportunity, and dignity of disadvantaged, to push further inclusion within the society)

ART PRESERVATION (identifying, promoting, buying, and collecting arts from the artists that will present legacy for other generation and expand our education)

PEOPLE WELLBEING (improving the overall humanity life)

Providing support to our community

We can all contribute to a better society, regardless of the size of the company. We at Foster + Svensson are raised to fight against poverty, to support well-being and to help whenever we can. As everything we do is clear and precise, in addition, our contribution to the community is simple and understandable. In this way, we want to invest in our society and contribute to the further development of modern values while preserving the spirit of tradition.

The exchange and understanding of information in all spheres of life will contribute to better mutual understanding and, ultimately, better care for the part of society that needs it the most. The community in which we operate is our everyday life because this is where we work, live, and empathize with people. We were brought up to believe in socially responsible business, not just to accept it as a corporate culture project. For us at Foster + Svensson, this is the culture we bring with us.


The Foster + Svensson Foundation supports:

– MAI Marina Abramović Institute
– Charity Water Foundation
– NBCF National Breast Cancer Foundation
– CIOFI Center for the Inclusion of Persons with Physical Disabilities
– SBCPRN Special Hospital for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Neurology
– Regional Alliance Center for Cerebral Palsy
– Uniquely Abled Center
– Association of patients with multiple sclerosis “Moj Srem”


The foundation also aims to expose art and design, where we identify, promote, buy, and collect arts from the artists that will present legacy for next generation. Foster + Svensson supported the opening of the MAI Marina Abramović Institute from its founding in 2013 by donation, and additionally through media communication contributed to raising awareness of the works of our great artist, for which we received certification and being recognized as one of the founders of MAI Institute. We acquired and bought the works of art such as the original work by Nadežda Petrović from 1899, two original works by Milan Konjević from 1954, artwork made by Jovana Stojanović from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade (Calligraphy and Typeface Design academic study course) in the class of Associate Professor Jana Oršolić, original artwork by Victor Vasarely from 1983, and artwork by Dunja Jung from 2022.

Since 2013, Foster + Svensson supported many organizations from its founding to operations. We are also creating our own contemporary art collection, selflessly share our knowledge by lecturing at student organizations, faculties, and companies. And we strongly believe in philanthropy. That is why we formed special unit of Foster + Svensson Foundation. To make it grow further. Together with people and society.