Foster + Svensson is focused on responsible business practices. Guided by international standards, expertise and local operational experience, our partners are perceived as equal. We work together either to provide superior service to our clients, or to have best possible solutions for work and excellence. Fully transparent and with high business ethics practices.

Supply chain sustainability is considered as priority for Foster + Svensson, where we aim to build competitive advantage though setting high requirements and first-class service for our clients. Partnerships and cooperation with suppliers are vital to achieving the responsible supply chain. We believe that our partners and suppliers must be briefed about the services we provide to provide us best possible proposal which will be acceptable by our clients. Such can be fulfilled by proper briefing, operational involvement, cooperation, constant project updates, supervision, rollout, delivery, and payment. In addition, we also expect that our partners and suppliers will be able to offer us best possible proposals.

That is why Foster + Svensson adopted IPS (Instant Payment Service) and use this service for payment towards its partners and suppliers. Our internal procedure policy allows us to use IPS service and perform payment to our partners and suppliers with no limited time frame. We support payment towards our partners and suppliers 24/7 not limiting payment on a certain day, weekends, or public holidays. 

As defined by National bank of Serbia, IPS is available to be used for domestic payments in Serbia with a payment process within 1-2 seconds. Foster + Svensson is using IPS service within its bank account at UniCredit Bank and providing payments towards its partners and suppliers 24/7 for provided services. We believe in reliable and fast supply chain, where we keep economy productive and sustainable by fulfilling our mutual obligations, payment of provided services and having financial hygiene factor set as high.

Our ESG sustainability program focuses on reducing its environmental impact and helping stakeholders meet regulatory, clients and investor requirements, by supporting local economy and people wellbeing.

Foster + Svensson aims to be a flagship company in Serbia, which will be a role model of corporate sustainability and high business standards by supporting local economy and people wellbeing. Achieving takes will, innovation, collaboration, and a focus on people and servicing our clients. But it also means leading with our core values in the services and designs we make, the way how we make it, and how we treat people, suppliers, vendors, partners, clients, and the planet we all share together. We are guided by the thought of always leaving the world behind us better than we found it, but also to encourage others to follow our example.

ESG (environmental, society, governance) became new expressions in modern world for corporate social responsibility. Even though we are working in creative industry, our business culture is also focused on respond to global challenges and establishing sustainable business.

Foster + Svensson governance strategy focuses on maintaining a world-class, diverse senior management, which will help to ensure the agency and its employees operate ethically daily. We also implemented rigorous policies and practices for data privacy and protection, as well as human rights procedures, and established policies to govern corporate behavior regarding labor, health and safety, community engagement, and to address modern slavery risks, while setting a high standard for human rights of our employees.

At Foster + Svensson, we believe that the acceptance of ESG principles represent that basis of our modern and future society. That is why we are proud in establishing policies from day one of our work and to apply ESG in our business.

We have been carbon neutral for our corporate operations, by placing digitalization in work as priority and where possible. Foster + Svensson equipment is in accordance with carbon neutral products by 2030, where we selected Apple as our main computer and communication equipment supplier and use more than 98% of its products, which is committed to green chemistry and recycling innovation, while creating unique eco-system across all devices.

We work while putting people first, by empowering them with accessible technology, being a force for equity and opportunity, creating an inclusive and diverse work environment, and respecting the human rights. We are also supporting communities and projects where the results will be available and benefit the public and humanity, while also having program of art preservation, where we buy and collect artworks that will present legacy for the next generation.

At every level of our agency, we embed transparency and accountability. Our governance structure helps foster principled actions, informed and effective fast decision-making, and appropriate monitoring of our compliance and performance. As principles of our corporate culture, we have established a wide range of procedures and policies in accordance with local laws, and also comply with regulations that apply to our clients.

We believe that education is an ongoing process during work, and always looking for the new knowledge and experiences. Gained knowledge we share among our employees, clients, and partners, to constantly evolve and grow together. We have also created intranet, an internal system called “Brain” where we store, archive, collaborate, and access our database of ideas, work, projects, and its executions, making it educational yet accessible to employees to fast track and update themselves easily on project statuses, deliverables, elements, and material overall.

Foster + Svensson Brand Institute

We support our colleagues from different industries, including our own, where we help in sharing know-how and establishing growth initiatives. We also lecture at faculties and companies, where we share our experience with future commers in a form of professional trainings, workshops, and masterclasses.

Foster + Svensson Foundation

Supporting projects where the results will be available and benefit the public and humanity. Some of the activities include media campaigns to spread awareness about cerebral palsy, donations to the Charity Water Foundation, National Breast Cancer Foundation, Multiple Sclerosis Association, and founding of the Marina Abramović Institute.

Private contemporary art collection

Within one of the programs within Foster + Svensson Foundation we have established “Art preservation” as one of our focus areas in art. Besides identifying and promoting art, we also buy original artworks and created private contemporary art collection, that will present legacy for the next generation.

In addition, we are not self-centered. We want to share key learnings, expertise and what we have learned in order to evolve together. We lectured at AIESEC Career Days, IREX Journalism Workshop, Mokrogorska, MEF Faculty of Applied Management, Economics and Finance, JAF, where our employees lectured students and professionals in area of advertising, business administration, media and marketing, by combining theoretical with practical work. In 2023, we organized a series of lecturing and trainings for companies in area of B2B and digital marketing, supported by Advantage Austria.