UniCredit presents Uni Sonos at Milan Design Week 2024

A project that stems from UniCredit’s ongoing commitment to supporting women’s empowerment and an important collaboration combining design and culture. Uni Sonos is formed in partnership with the Arena di Verona and Studiopepe, an international design studio led by two women. Featuring a never-before-seen collection of stunning costumes of Aida and female figures created for the 100th Arena di Verona Opera Festival 2023 by Stefano Poda, an installation that merges music and architecture, the worlds of finance, art and design bringing them together.

This landmark collaboration is derived from the concept of “Uni Sono”, where voices with different timbres and characters unite to resonate with the same frequency and pitch, reflecting UniCredit and Studiopepe’s shared values of unity, support, and togetherness. Uni Sonos is born of two institutions working together who are a natural fit with each other, as Studiopepe’s extraordinary and innovative approach to design aligns perfectly with UniCredit’s commitment to excellence, being forward-thinking, and acting for change.
The project also attests UniCredit’s well-established partnership with Fondazione Arena di Verona, the only Italian opera foundation directed by a woman, Cecilia Gasdia (currently in her second term). Uni Sonos showcases the very peak of female creativity and culture in a unique setting that mirrors the iconic Arena di Verona, with contemporary amphitheater-shaped structures that serve as both a stage for performances and a communal gathering space. Its inviting, curved forms encourage exploration and the pleasure of discovery. The Auditorium will also host discussions, uniting thought leaders and innovators to delve into topics related to Italian culture, societal trends, and aspirational design.
UniCredit presents Uni Sonos at Milan Design Week 2024

Photo credits © UniCredit Group.

Milan Design Week 2024

Andrea Orcel, UniCredit Group CEO, said: “UniCredit is proud to make its debut at Milan Design Week 2024, a renowned and historic event, as well as a symbol of Italian and international creative capacity. Uni Sonos fully represents UniCredit’s belief in women’s empowerment, equity, and inclusion, thanks to installations and performances that represent the cutting edge of design by Italy’s most innovative women designers. We are proud to collaborate with Studiopepe, celebrating a partnership that provides a platform to showcase the work of these young women designers. This event testifies that inclusive and sustainable growth, driving communities to progress, and unlocking the potential of our clients and people, are all at the heart of our daily commitment to all our stakeholders”.

The event is open to the public. 

Location: UniCredit Building, Via Borromei 5, 20123 Milan, Italy. 

Dates: From April 15 to 21 daily from 10:00 AM to 20:00 PM with two daily performances at 17:30 PM and 19:00 PM.

Women & Design – Tuesday, 16 April at 18:00 PM
Economics of Art & Culture and Women Empowerment – Friday, 19 April at 18:00 PM
The Female Characters of the Opera – Saturdat, 20 April at 18:00 PM

Since 1994 UniCredit has been a Major Partner of the Arena di Verona Opera Festival, the most spectacular opera festival in the world. Conscious of culture’s value as an engine of social and economic development, we have been supporting this Italian excellence for more than 25 years. In line with our purpose of Empowering Communitities to Progress, we believe that building strong relationships with our key stakeholders creates long-term value and collective growth.

UniCredit is a pan-European commercial bank with a unique service offering in Italy, Germany, Central and Eastern Europe. The purpose of UnCredit Bank is to empower communities to progress, delivering the best-in-class for all stakeholders, unlocking the potential of its clients and people across Europe. UniCredit Bank serves over 15 million customers worldwide. Digitalization and commitment to ESG principles are key enablers for the services of UniCredit. They help to deliver excellence to stakeholders and create a sustainable future for its clients, communities, and people.

People culture at Foster + Svensson

At Foster + Svensson we nurture and foster creativity and work-life balance. We believe that people get most of ideas outside of work, while being inspired at any place. Most of the ideas are coming out during open discussions too, which are human, more appealing and have greater impact than the one imposed. Therefore we foster friendly environment at work, so we allow our employees to explore client brands and products more deeply, than just getting the brief from them. From point of being creatively amazed, to point of being punctual towards client. Free to wonder, yet disciplined in work. 

We also highlight the importance of constant informing and educating ourselves, either by upgrading formal education, or by workshops, trainings, conferences accessing and reading high quality literature, visiting museums, galleries, exhibitions, theatres, and events. That is why we encourage people at Foster + Svensson to read books, magazines and articles about art, design, architecture, history, people, photography, popular culture, lifestyle, travel, graphics, decorative arts, science, and technology, but also to educate and update ourselves on client industries, latest trends, reports, and news. Such information we collect, we use for upgrading ourselves in a process of constant exploration and learning, where we set future foundations in the industry we work. 

This is the very reason why we always recommend visiting a museum, gallery, and specially Milan Design Week 2024 in Italy.

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