Creativepool nominee Apothecary for best digital campaign

Online pharmacy and cosmetic store Apothecary has been nominated in Web category for the third year in a row, by professionals in the creative and advertising industry who are members of the Creativepool from United Kingdom. This time the nomination comes for a digital campaign in which throughout the year Apothecary promotes face and body skincare, but also suncare products and protocol.

The awards are given every year in several different categories that cover almost all areas of marketing and constitute a kind of recognition for the displayed creativity. Voting consists of two parts: voting by the audience and voting by global judges – expert jury. The jury that will decide on the nominees consists of directors, founders and creative directors from agencies and companies such as Wolff Olins, Bang & Olufsen, The Coca-Cola Company, Amazon, Ericsson, Tag Heuer, Zurich Insurance Company, Accenture, Grey, R/GA, Cheil, VML, FCB, Huge, Dentsu, Droga5, Omnicom Media Group, BBDO, WPP, IMAX, McCann, Publicis Groupe, Ogilvy, and BBC.

The voting of the audience and the jury lasts until July 11, 2024, while the award ceremony will be organized on September 5 in London, as every year. This year’s awards will be presented in 39 categories. 

Along with the Apothecary and its year-round suncare campaign, this year projects from agencies and clients were also nominated such as Roche, Pernod Ricard, Sky Sports, Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann, Uber, Ford, Asics, Droga5, Real Madrid, Huge, McDonald’s, PWC, Coca-Cola, SC Johnson, Lego, BBC, Alpro, Interbrand, Pepsi, Riyadh Air, Grey, CBRE, Bloomberg, Lloyds Bank, BBD, GSK, Google, Pizza Hut, Iris, Samsung, Nike, Carlsberg, m&m’s, JBL, American Express, Delta Airlines, Toyota, Aston Martin, Whiskas, Bombay Sapphire, FC Barcelona, Heinz, Avon, Porsche, Aperol, Netflix, The Body Shop, Guinness, Heineken, FIFA, Havas, TBWA, Ketchum London, MullenLowe, Juventus, Publicis Groupe, Cadbury, Johnnie Walker, Dentsu, Leo Burnett, Ogilvy, R/GA, Cheil, Wolff Olins, VML&R, Warner Brothers, Bang & Olufsen, Innocent, and Courvoisier, among respective others.

Photo: Apothecary suncare year-round campaign designed by Foster + Svensson.

Business design out of market research and data, while predicting the right path based on consumer behavior

Apothecary was created in 2020 by Foster + Svensson marketing agency, at the time of the COVID-19 virus pandemic, when there was a lockdown with limited access of going out of home and in-person social connection. This led in advancing digital communication among people, such as having audio and video calls via variety of apps, while shopping online, where e-commerce overall recorded significant rise, as people were not able to move around and get out of their homes.

Even though Foster + Svensson had many research reports stating that people will stop buying and using makeup products such as face foundations, lipsticks, lip pencils, blushes, highlighters, because of placing protection mask on facial and nasal area, it was highlighted that significant drop in sales may occur, both in retail and online. This however didn’t happen in practice, at least not in online retail. Led by industry and market research, but also by analyizing on people and businesses behavior, it was easy to understand that such will not happen so easily, as people will work remotely and start using video and conferencing calls, leading towards quite opposite – to increase sales in makeup and skincare, as people will still be visually seen. On the other hand, people will need support in getting dietary supplements, due the lockdown and being unable to visit pharmacies and drugstores, which includes sales and home delivery of recommended products for boosting body immune system and health.

Quickly, the e-commerce platform, primarily created for the need of clients within pharmaceutical industry, has evolved from an agency product and conceptual design to a fully independent, operational and registered online store. In a very short period of time, Apothecary has positioned itself as an online store focused on offering top quality products for a better life. That was the right moment in which the agency demonstrated on an operational example that it cannot only develop an e-commerce platform, but the entire e-commerce system and business, which moved from words to actions, where fully understood all the advantages and challenges of the e-commerce industry. 

Photo: Apothecary suncare year-round campaign designed by Foster + Svensson.

– The creativity and work of the Apothecary have been recognized by experts from all over the world, and we are the only ones from Serbia and the region who have been nominated for the Creativepool award this year. Our culture is to nurture and enrich society by focusing on building highly aesthetic, cultural and polite relationships with customers who we treat as equals, instead of focusing on pushy sales methods or aggressive buying aimed at gaining profit. Rather, we help customers identify which product is for them and which will help them in the truest sense of the word. This is already the third year that we have been recognized by experts and the creative industry all over the world, and we are very proud of that because those are coming in area of economy, design, marketing and commerce which saw and recognized us as we build the transformation of our society with business excellence which, in things, is a true example of how a company should behave and act. Our mission from the very beginning is that life can be more beautiful, and through this campaign for body and skincare, primarily protection from the sun and harmful UV rays, we are trying to show how we protect our customers throughout the year. It is important for us to point out that protection from the sun should not last only during the summer, but during whole year, and that UV rays could bring some benefits, but also damage to the cells, skin and body. We set care as foundation of our business, while demonstrating transparency, openness and honesty, as well as a long-term relationship, says Mr. Vladimir Suvodolac, MA, Managing Director of the Apothecary. 

The campaign for sun protection displayed over 400 suncare products on the Serbian market, where the focus is to explain in a simple and understandable way that every protection is not 100% safe, and that exposure to the sun’s rays must be moderate and well controlled. With a series of articles that we published on our website and product pages, we highlighted the advantages and ways of protection, but at the same time we created a system that automatically recognizes the customer who orders products from the suncare range. This is precisely why we created guidelines entitled “Responsible behavior in the sun, regular and adequate protection against the negative effects of solar radiation”, which are automatically delivered to customers in the form of printed material, and during product packaging. In this way, we want to additionally inform our customer about the benefits of sunbathing, such as the creation of vitamin D, but primarily about how to additionally protect from harmful UVA/UVB rays, preserve complexion, get a tan, and that it is necessary to be aware of the existence of extremely harmful effects of exposure to the sun’s rays, such as burns, dehydration and negative impact on the skin, body, and on cellular level. Thus, we stretched this campaign from digital and e-commerce channels to post-sales, in the form of printed educational material as a reminder, so that people could truly rely on Apothecary as a place which takes care of its customers, emphasizes Mr. Suvodolac. 

We still want to change and reshape the market by introducing new and innovative safe products, but also to continue with the current practice, which is to display full details of every product in a high-quality manner, while paying attention to its every detail and aesthetic display. Apothecary presents its offer by showing the functional benefits and additional value of the product, so that customers could be able to see all aspects of the product before the actual purchase. We are extremely pleased and honored that the nomination of the Apothecary store stands together with global agencies and brands such as Roche, Wolff Olins, Bang & Olufsen, Tag Heuer, Nike, Aston Martin, Porsche, Amazon, BBC, Interbrand, Lloyds Bank, American Express, Google, PWC, Saatchi & Saatchi, Publicis Groupe, Leo Burnett, Accenture, Samsung, and Cheil, additionally points out Mr. Vladimir Suvodolac, Managing Director of Apothecary. 

Creativepool nominee Apothecary for best digital campaign

Photo: Apothecary hompeage with suncare campaign designed by Foster + Svensson.


Marketing agency Foster + Svensson designed and conceived the complete concept, identity and development of the online drugstore Apothecary, as a pure example of designing thinking, strategy, software development, and operational execution and running, by positioning Apothecary as a premium and luxury pharmacy and cosmetic online retailer with first-class customer support and care.

The public can vote for the best of Creativepool Awards 2024 via the link It is necessary to select the “WEB” category, then select “Apothecary suncare year-round campaign” in the “Individuals” section and click on the “VOTE” button. 

The voting of the audience and the jury lasts until July 11, while the award ceremony will be organized on September 5, 2024. 

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