Foster + Svensson unveils its new visual identity and website

We design brands, use digital technology, data, and strategy to create contemporary visual identities, services, and experiences to our corporate clients. Here at Foster + Svensson we believe that communication and advertising messages must be made of intelligence, creativity and being bold. All that, design, and tech centered. We want to disrupt the market. To create projects that will have an impact on people’s life. Either to attract people attention, create desire for product or service purchase, or to trigger emotion.

This can be enabled if we create solutions which are born out of intelligence, where every single detail is measured, calculated, and have its own logical purpose. We pack all in visually attractive and appealing design, which needs to be functional, creative enough, yet to differ from the market, competitors, and expectations overall. Every media channel has its own way of use, with different target group behavior, way of use. So, we are adjusting our creatives.

We designed a new logo, a new identity for ourselves. Shape-shifting 3D logo. Our primary logo is a combination of two elements. Brand device and our Wordmark. A colored motion and 3D animated abstract bubble is symbolizing ideas, conversation, processes, thinking and creativity which wants to be unleashed from the bubble itself, representing no strains. This bubble is also our new brand device which symbolizes variety of our services. Gradient colors of bubble are displaying diversity of clients and their respective brands. Colors spans from pink to red and orange, with highlights in magenta, creating beautiful gradient. Our work is coming out of this bubble, a place where brands, identities, products, services, marketing, design and campaigns are born. Our color palette evolved from a monotonous grey to a diversified range of orange, pink and reds that encompass the logo tones. These colors are very carefully selected to accent infusing digital environment in communication of 21st century, to demonstrate versatility and vitality, yet to play visually with human eye. All these elements are formed as a lock-up logo.

VIDEO: Displaying Foster + Svensson new animated shape-shifting color logo (the Bubble).

Foster + Svensson new shape-shifting logo is embracing dimensionality, creativity, design, thinking which wants to be released and go out of the box. To explode, to be pushed publicly and become visibly. Just like the work we do. The very uniqueness of new Foster + Svensson shape-shifting logo is in its dimensional and geometry aspect. New 3D logo is embracing freedom, celebrates space and proving that physicality can be demonstrated in variety of dimensions, different perspectives, just like how people are perceiving the look of companies, brands, products, and services. Our fluid logo that can take an infinite number of shapes.

It enhance visual language with its dynamic usage, as a new digital age which already emerged, but also stating that there are variety of dimensions, and that geometry can be displayed in static way, either by pausing the shape-shifting logo, or having its positive, negative and outline versions. It embraces dynamic identities to reflect the ever-changing nature of a brand, its audiences, or both. Evolution of the brand and logo itself is something that our agency is doing. Always creating new, or redesigning existing, to explore new shapes, materials, motion qualities and three-dimensional space.

PHOTO: Displaying Foster + Svensson visual identity in new static logo in negative, positive, outline and color.

Besides having animated gradient shape-shifting logo, we also designed outline version as our secondary logo, where we used thin, fine lines to display bubble and its motion in a static way, by having several interlaced bubble lines. These fine lines are also used as brand device, where they are oversized and intentionally cropped. Right next to Brand device, we placed our Wordmark, all written with uppercase grey letters, as a complete overhaul offering creative liberty within the design system. Transformation of new Foster + Svensson logo and identity lies on our cornerstone, which enabled us greater responsiveness to the brand’s evolving needs.

As our clients and their business grow, we grow. Our services and expertise as well. That is a constant educational path which is a true motivator. We are proud to work with top-tier companies and their services, but also to design and create identities for existing and newly formed brands. A passion that we offer to our employees and our clients with whom we work together as one. We strongly believe that we need to showcase our work, to represent ourselves and what we do, but also to add something extra that we were searching for. Website is one medium, and since we are pioneering in web design, coding, and development, it is an excellent canvas for us to demonstrate in live how digital and graphic design can work together. That was the leading idea of drawing, designing, and coding our new website.

A website which will look like contemporary print magazine with attractive typography, yet to remain digital with animations, videos, and motion graphics. Also, most of our industry websites are self-centered, where they only showcase basic company data and several works. We wanted to go beyond. To have a corporate website, to present our services, our portfolio, who we are, but also to introduce something new. Again, driven by idea of having an online magazine and searching for that extra. That is why our new website is consisted not only about agency and its work, but also about talented people and companies, which represent the true example of iconic and remarkable work which needs to be showcased, as they will drive future and become a history example in design, marketing, and communication. An art.

Our new website has interesting articles about things we like, things we consider important in people’s culture and further personal and corporate development. And not just people, but societies overall. Foster + Svensson new website is an informative point of advertising, art, architecture, creativity, culture, design, business, communication, literature, marketing. A medium where important people and company stories needs to be published and unveiled to the world, as we all want to live in better societies, rest from noise and to find well-being. Driven by clarity, precision, simplicity, and excellence (as our corporate values), new website is a point where work and ideas of inspiring people and companies are highlighted as good examples that will have an impact of people’s life, says Vladimir Suvodolac, Managing Director of Foster + Svensson.

We, Foster + Svensson are an award-winning European branding agency, who put forward well-considered contemporary design, digital and innovation. Our origins in architecture, design, sculpturing, and music are back in 1860 where our descendants brought rich history in visual and musical arts. Dragiša Suvodolac, a Royal Court artist, worked with sculptor Ivan Meštrović on creating “The Victor“ monument in Belgrade (1928) and Memorial monument to the Unknown Hero atop Mount Avala in Belgrade (1938) to name a few. The family of Suvodolac was awarded in 1938 by King Peter II Karađorđević of Yugoslavia with Royal Household Silver Medal with Crown Rare for visual art services including painting, sculpture, and architecture. Suvodolac are one of the oldest and rarest families in Serbia, dated back in 11th century between 1004-1008 during Byzantine Empire, when Suvodol monastery was built and later rebuilt by Prince Lazar of Serbia as Nemanjić dynasty foundation in 14th century. Complete reconstruction was done during 1866 by Mihailo Obrenović, Prince of Serbia. Suvodol monastery is marked as a cultural monument of great importance under Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Serbia.


Foster + Svensson is an award-winning European branding, communications, and advertising agency with heritage back in 1860 and founded in 2013 in Serbia, who put forward well-considered contemporary design, digital and innovation. Operating worldwide as part of Fosterova grupa, Foster + Svensson is positioned as professional services company, providing broad range of services and solutions in area of marketing. Having bold experience and specialized skills in more than 20 industries, agency provides services to all company sizes. People at Foster + Svensson design brands, use digital technology, data, and strategy to create contemporary visual identities, services, and experiences to help corporate clients improve their performance and manage sustainable business value for stakeholders. Foster + Svensson design and drive innovation to improve the way world works and lives. Agency approach is to be precise, punctual, and reliable to its clients, where it ran more than 2000 projects while working for major companies to be found in Fortune Global 500, such as HVB Group, UniCredit Group, Telenor Group, Ericsson, Apple, A1 Telekom Austria Group, RTS, Samsung, Cheil, Huawei, Hisense. Work culture and ethics includes business excellence and delivery of outperforming results.


Foster + Svensson is one of the founders of MAI Marina Abramović Institute.