World Brand Design Society features brand identity for Apothecary

London – With few days upon public unveil of the Apothecary brand and its corporate design, an internationally focused community highlighting exceptional consumer and corporate brand design The World Brand Design Society (WBDS), featured Apothecary brand identity.

– We are very happy to see that international marketing strand and creative industry instantly recognized our work for Apothecary online drogerie. It was made out of numerous research and insights how and what customers expect from online drugstore, how they behave during online purchase and what are the expectations.

There is no room for compromise anymore, as customers seek for unique and sleek nice looking, functional and useful e-commerce websites, able to display and sell products in a click or two. As customers are paying for the products, they expect from drugstores and product manufactures to respect them and pay attention to details, information, design and how products are displayed, how products are presented to them”, says Vladimir Suvodolac, Managing Director of Foster + Svensson which created and designed Apothecary brand with his team.

During insights it was found that one of the main issues within drugstores is communication towards customers. Being noisy, untidy and incomplete for online product presentation. On a level where still relying on old-school print presentation and converting same content on digital, without proper use of assets, having poor content, not using digital features, brand guidelines or graphical standards at all. There is no consistency between different products and such, they are not offered well to the customers.

We have to understand that internal or raw data cannot be used in external communication, specially towards customers. Simply, they will not understand it, and therefore we should avoid using irrelevant or confusing content for customers such as product internal codes, product short names, another set of product codes or not having product description. All that we avoided with Apothecary case and managed to have multibrand online store where all products co-exist in their own branding, while not overtaking Apothecary brand and purity, says Vladimir.


Recognition by World Brand Design Society

Main goal for Apothecary is to position high quality design of e-commerce website within its core, to make it clean and pure, informative, click or two away, yet allowing product brands to be seen, reached and recognized. Having online store which will be visibly rigorous within own brand, being subtly disciplined with communication among other brands, and aligning with brand guidelines was set as a must for all product manufactures and drugstore overall. Besides, product information to be comprehensive and relevant to customers, just like product search bar which needs to be intelligent and find product in short time. That is how Apothecary is set to operate.

The World Brand Design Society (WBDS) is an internationally focused community, founded in 2008 with the mission of highlighting exceptional consumer (packaging) and corporate brand design while bringing knowledge and community closer together. Aims of the WBDS are to promote the practices of the industry and actively support design students, professionals and agencies by encouraging further dialogue, celebrating their creativity, bringing people to the forefront and presenting their work on a global stage.

Showcase with selected work for Apothecary brand identity can be viewed on World Brand Design Society website.

Design Agency: Foster + Svensson d.o.o.
Organization / Project Type: Agency, Published Commercial Design
Article Title: Foster + Svensson Creates Brand Identity for Apothecary Online Drugstore
Brand / Project Name: Apothecary drugstore brand identity
External Design Credits: Head of Digital Aleksandar Nikolic, Creative Director Vladimir Suvodolac
Strategic Deliverables: Brand Architecture, Brand Naming, Brand Strategy, Tone of Voice
Design Deliverables: Brand Identity, Identity System, Branding, Brand Creation, Graphic Design, Brand Digital Design, Brand Guidelines, Brand Advertising, Retail Brand Design
Service Brand Application: Brand Guidelines, Presentation, Print Stationery, Social Media, Website, Digital Advertising
Location: Serbia
Market Country: Serbia
Market Region: Europe
Project Keywords: Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Branding, Digital, Print, Identity
Industry Category: Pharmaceutical







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