Original artwork by Dunja Jung added to Foster + Svensson private art collection

Belgrade – Foster + Svensson an award-winning European communications and advertising agency, continues to support contemporary artists, by adding new work to its private art collection. ‪To our collection, we added original artwork from 2022 by Dunja Jung (1972) called “Announcing Spring”.

Dunja Jung was born in Zadar, Croatia, in 1972. She graduated College of Fine Art in Belgrade, Serbia, and is a member of ULUPUDS. Dunja is focused on painting, and watercolor stands out as the technique that dominates her creativity. Her work is dedicated on exploring watercolor technique, but as well as watercolor in a non-traditional and digital way, as many of Dunja’s artworks are executed not only on paper, but also on canvas or cardboard canvas.

She is well known for portraits in the watercolor technique, as the artist whose creativity permeates fantasy art. Digital collage allows her to immerse herself even deeper in the game of form and narrative, resulting in unusually attractive portraits, personifications in a unique fusion of the fantastic and Art Nouveau, the style under which she creates under the strong influence.

PHOTO: Announcing spring, Dunja Jung, 2022.

As noted by art historian Tamara Ognjević in the catalogue of Dunja Jung’s solo-exhibition “Igra / The Game” in 2022, where the painting “Announcing spring” was presented as a flagship artwork, “Her intimate, phantasm-infused themes, are expressed in a characteristic, elegantly reduced form through a new medium which they take on as an attractive, surreal energy – as if Alphonse Mucha and Kubrick, Blade Runner and The Lady in Gold met for a moment“.

Dunja Jung participated in numerous group exhibitions in the country and around the world. Dunja is the winner of the Grand Prize of the Zemun Salon in 2015, awarded by the “Stara kapetanija” Gallery, as well as the Special recognition award of the VII Biennale small format watercolor in Belgrade, Serbia.

This very art we buy (sculptures, paintings, prints, drawings) is done from part of profit we make, and where we invest in future history by buying it and displaying at Foster + Svensson as our legacy and investment in contemporary art. It is also a way how we express our support and recognition to the artists.

At Foster + Svensson, people are focused on increase of global philanthropy awareness and change of people culture towards better societies. Art preservation represent one of three pillars within Foster + Svensson Foundation, where we identify, promote, buy and collect arts, that will become legacy for generations to come.

This time, to our contemporary art collection, we added original artwork from 2022 by Dunja Jung (1972) called “Announcing spring”.


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