Apothecary nominated for HotSpot ’23 e-commerce award

The HotSpot e-commerce awards event was established by the eCommerce Association of Serbia (ECS), which brings together all companies of the digital ecosystem for the joint improvement of Serbian e-commerce market. Through its activities, ECS advocates promotion of safe internet trade and the regulation, through education of consumers and the trade sector overall. Bringing together the best experts in the area of e-commerce industry, this award is not only a physical statuette, but i also symbolizes the pinnacle of success that will remain forever engraved in golden letters in the history of electronic commerce in Serbia.

Through the HotSpot e-commerce awards 2023, companies compete for 23 awards. Each of them carries a special value and weight, because the industrial stamp of e-commerce is shaped thanks to exceptional individuals, diverse brands and innovative leaders from different sectors. Part of our group and client, Apothecary is among ten companies nominated for an award in the “Beauty, Health & Wellbeing Online Store of the year” category.

Voting is very simple and requires only a few steps:

– it is necessary to visit the site www.hotspotawards.com/glasanje
– enter your first and last name 
– enter your email address 
– within the second category “Beauty, Health & Wellbeing Online Store of the year” select “Apothecary – Aesthetics drogerie” 
– scroll down the page and press the “Glasanje” button 

Apothecary nominated for "HotSpot '23 e-commerce awards"
The eCommerce Association of Serbia and HotSpot have carefully chosen the sectors and awards in which direct competitors will compete on the market. Although each of the companies contributes to the development of online shopping in their industry, the public and the jury will have the key word on which companies will be rewarded for success in the digital world. The audience is given the key right to vote and select those companies they consider extremely successful in the digital environment.
The expert jury for the HotSpot ’23 e-commerce awards consists of representatives of the Serbian Association of Managers, Microsoft, Mastercard, Visa, Ikea, the Faculty of Economics, Escape and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.
Public voting for the HotSpot ’23 e-commerce awards begins on January 19, 2024 and will continue until midnight on January 30, 2024. During this period, the audience will have the opportunity to support their favorites. The broadest public has the right to vote, that is, any person. In order to vote successfully, a person should fill in the mandatory data fields (name, surname and email), otherwise his vote will be declared as invalid. Each person can vote once for one candidate in the selected category, and any subsequent voting attempts will be rejected. In this way, one person can cast at least one and at most 23 votes during the entire voting period. The award ceremony is scheduled for February 7, 2024.
Apothecary nominated for "HotSpot '23 e-commerce awards"
Apothecary strives to be a leader in the industry and to be recognized as an example of good business practice. In addition, Apothecary remain fully committed to the improvement of e-commerce in Serbia, where products are presented in transparent and detailed way, while also taking care of its customers from the first contact, until the moment of product delivery and its opening. Apothecary wants to point out the importance of respecting customers, regardless of the size of the order, through the relationship, which is built through the website, social media, as well as through the complete communication.
At Apothecary it is believed that all people deserve a more beautiful life and that is why Apothecary is actively involved and join initiatives that result in a better relationship with customers while expressing greater respect. This is the basic standard at Apothecary, with a goal to be adopted and applied in Serbia as well, so that as many transactions as possible remain in country, and thus contribute to the further growth and development of the country and society. Apothecary offers only original products, of proven quality and from reliable manufacturers.

We at Foster + Svensson are very proud for designing, creating, and developing Apothecary brand and e-commerce website. Apothecary is an online premium and luxury drugstore, focused on offering premium and top-quality skincare, face, body and hair care products. Apothecary was created at the beginning of 2020 when Foster + Svensson created an e-commerce and communication platform, which was recognized by the leading pharmaceutical companies, both manufacturers and pharmacies. Foster + Svensson realized that its platform is significantly different from others and that can freely be present it as independent, and not just to be an e-commerce product from the shelf, but to really be an operational website. That is how Foster + Svensson created Apothecary. From an idea to a real operating company, demonstrating in live our full services range.


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