Online payment at Apothecary drugstore is now also available with bank cards

Internet drug store “Apothecary” has enabled online payment of ordered products with Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express and DinaCard bank cards. In addition to cash on delivery payments, Apothecary Internet drug store now accepts debit, credit and business payment cards issued by all banks in Serbia and abroad, while payment through the Apothecary website is safe and protected with the help of Banca Intesa e-commerce solution. Additional protection is added by Mastercard Secure and Visa Secure solutions for secure payments.

Purchase, i.e. paying for products and ordering online is another step in the improvement of Apothecary services in order to enable customers to place an order as quickly and easily as possible and receive the desired products, said Aleksandar Nikolić, Operations Manager at Apothecary, adding that paying by payment cards is simple via computer or mobile phone , and that in just a few steps it is possible to choose the product, enter the delivery information and select the payment method.

All payment card payments through the Apothecary site are protected by security solutions from Visa and Mastercard companies, which, in addition to the standard protection provided by Banca Intesa, additionally improve the protection of online transactions and personal data of cardholders.

The Visa 3-D Secure protocol introduced an additional level of verification of the identity of the cardholder prior to authorization, which enables the exchange of data between the merchant, the card issuer and, if necessary, the customer, to confirm that the transaction was initiated by the legitimate account holder. Mastercard Secure technology enables the use of the so-called two-factor authentication (SCA), which implies identity confirmation during online purchases. Due to the regulations that entered into force at the level of the European Union on September 14, 2019, and which apply to our country at the level of recommendation for harmonization, this method of identity verification is carried out in order to ensure the security of our customers’ information and greater security of online purchases.

The MasterIndex research

The MasterIndex research conducted by Mastercard in 2021 showed that two thirds of online customers in Serbia shop exclusively on domestic websites because online shopping is simple and safe. The number of online payment users increased by 15% compared to the period before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Online payments are used by 81% of respondents, of which 10% pay online at least once a week, while 45% use online payments at least once a month.

A Mastercard survey conducted in Central and Eastern Europe on the attitudes and behavior of Generation Z, the youngest consumer group that sets future market trends, shows that in the 11 countries covered by the survey, respondents aged 18-24 represent 7.2% of the population (approximately 11.5 million), and that their importance for the economy is growing. When it comes to data for Serbia, this generation has 8.5% of the total population. Although young people are surrounded and “immersed” in digital technologies, face-to-face relationships and contacts are of utmost importance to them, and they are also engaged in solving social and environmental challenges, expecting brands to do the same.

These always-connected, smart customers expect the shopping process to be done quickly and conveniently, which is one of the main goals of Apothecary internet drugstore. For this tech-savvy, always-online generation, e-commerce is a natural environment. As many as 76% buy online at least once a month, mostly clothes (60%), food (45%) or beauty and care products (41%). Members of Generation Z take the convenience that technology brings for granted. Brands that want to rule their digital world must offer them simplicity, speed and a seamless user experience, and preferably all available on their smartphone, according to the research.

The online drug store Apothecary previously, while still preparing for online payment, joined the initiative launched by the company Ethoca, owned by the Mastercard company, with which customers who pay for products with payment cards over the internet will be provided with additional information about their transaction. The logo, business name of the merchant, as well as payment locations will be displayed to customers in notifications when making a transaction, as well as on monthly bank statements, so that customers can be sure when and where their transaction was made.


Apothecary in Serbia

Apothecary strives to be a leader in the industry and to set an example of good business practices that enable transparency for customers in Serbia when purchasing and paying with bank cards. In addition, Apothecary remains fully committed to the improvement of e-commerce services in Serbia as part of its online drug store, where they present products in a clear and simple way, but also take care of its customers from the first contact with store, until the moment of delivery of the product to the address. Apothecary wants to point out the importance of respecting customers, regardless of the size of the order, through the relationship they build through its website, social networks, as well as through the complete communication they achieve with customers.

At Apothecary, it is believed that we all deserve a more beautiful life and that’s why Apothecary actively gets involved and join initiatives that result in a better relationship with customers and their greater respect. For Apothecary, this is the basic standard that they want to be adopted and applied in Serbia as well, so that as many transactions as possible remain in our country, and thus contribute to the further growth and development of the country and society.

From December 1, 2021, in direct cooperation with Banca Intesa, the Apothecary Internet drug store has enabled the purchase and online payment for customers with Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express and DinaCard payment cards, issued by all banks in Serbia and abroad, while Foster + Svensson is responsible for e-commerce integration process and design.


Foster + Svensson is an award-winning European branding, communications, and advertising agency with heritage back in 1860 and founded in 2013 in Serbia, who put forward well-considered design, digital and innovation. Operating worldwide as part of Fosterova grupa, Foster + Svensson is positioned as professional services company, providing broad range of services and solutions in area of marketing. Having bold experience and specialized skills in more than 14 industries, agency provides services to all company sizes. People at Foster + Svensson design brands, use digital technology, data, and strategy to create contemporary visual identities, services, and experiences to help corporate clients improve their performance and manage sustainable business value for stakeholders. Foster + Svensson design and drive innovation to improve the way world works and lives. Agency approach is to be precise, punctual, and reliable to its clients, where it ran more than 2000 projects while working for major companies to be found in Fortune Global 500, such as HVB Group, UniCredit Group, Telenor Group, Ericsson, Apple, A1 Telekom Austria Group, RTS, Samsung, Cheil, Huawei, Hisense. Work culture and ethics includes business excellence and delivery of outperforming results.


Foster + Svensson is one of the founders of MAI Marina Abramović Institute.