We have increased security, availability and speed of our servers in 2022

The pandemic of the COVID-19 virus in the previous two years contributed to the fact that the Internet in Serbia “overnight” became one of the primary channels of communication, information and online shopping, to which all age groups in Serbia turned, even those who used the Internet exclusively as kind of entertainment or just to exchange emails. According to the data of the Republic Institute of Statistics for the year 2021, in the Republic of Serbia, over 3.9 million people used a computer every or almost every day during the previous year, while only during the state of emergency in 2020, the use of the Internet increased between 10 and 15 percent. When it comes to comparing Serbia with the world, the latest data from the World Bank show that the use of the Internet in Serbia is over 78% of the total population, while at the global level this figure is around 56%. These data also show that the use of social media networks, the frequency of interactions and the speed of the Internet are at an all-time high with a growing tendency.

“The sixties of the 20th century are considered the beginning of the development of the Internet, and this network experienced the greatest expansion in the period between 2000 and 2009, when its use increased by more than a billion people.”

With the increase in the use of the Internet, the concern for the security of data, as well as the sites and applications we use, which use the private data of users, grows proportionally, especially if it is about online shopping or other various requests and services for which private data is necessary. Research conducted by the University of Maryland (USA) shows that every 39 seconds a device connected to the Internet is attacked, and that one of the most common ways hackers use the so-called “weak” code, i.e. password. The methods of protection are different, from using codes that cannot be “guessed”, through the use of antivirus programs and applications, then deleting unwanted emails – especially those that contain attachments that you do not know what they are about, while one of the most common protections is the one that is applied through the very infrastructure (hosting, programming languages, etc.) that websites and applications use.

Although it may seem unimportant at first glance, actually the choice of hosting provider is one of the most important, not only for the functioning of your site and email communication, but also indirectly for the reputation of the company itself. The cooperation you establish with the hosting provider should be a partnership that will last for years and that will allow you not to actively worry about one part of your business activities.

Foster + Svensson, a communication and advertising agency, takes care of protection and security on the Internet in several different ways from the first step when establishing cooperation with its clients. Our priority is the safety of the client and the safety of the user, so we make sure that all servers hosting our clients’ websites, microsites and applications are located in a state-of-the-art Tier-3 data center that represents the most modern and highest level of services with high guaranteed availability 24 hours a day. 

The availability of Internet sites and applications is important for building user trust, especially in the domain of e-commerce when purchasing and paying for products is done through the site. Our platforms always have the latest software and security updates.

Also, full backup is enabled, which includes automatic creation and storage of the last 3 daily and 4 weekly backup copies of data, as well as the possibility of simple and independent content recovery. Backups are stored at a physically separate location (in another data center), in order to ensure data availability even in the event of a natural disaster or an unexpected breakdown at the primary location.

When it comes to the protection of users’ private data, all servers are located in Serbia, which makes them fully compliant with the local Personal Data Protection Act, as well as European laws in the field of GDPR, which regulate the protection and storage of users’ private data. In this way, all private data about users is located in Serbia and is available only to authorized persons.

In 2022, we expanded the hosting offer and we can offer our clients various services such as shared or private web hosting on SSD drives, Cloud hosting and other services related to the support of websites, applications, microsites, newsletters and emails. Also, it is possible to use dedicated servers and SSL certificates, all with the aim of a safer and more secure environment, quality of services, speed of data flow, as well as the very performance of different types of sites – from basic presentation sites, microsites, applications, to robust e-commerce sites.

Foster + Svensson nurtures the idea that every digital activity and business related to the Internet should have a strong foundation, and this is what we offer through our services, from the process of idea creation, development and design of solutions, to technical support, the setting of all elements and implementation of projects. From the beginning of 2022, Foster + Svensson uses upgraded servers that have continuous uptime and with upgraded infrastructure, characterized by high security, increased speed and stable SSD and Cloud servers.



Foster + Svensson is an award-winning European branding, communications, and advertising agency with heritage back in 1860 and founded in 2013 in Serbia, who put forward well-considered design, digital and innovation. Operating worldwide as part of Fosterova grupa, Foster + Svensson is positioned as professional services company, providing broad range of services and solutions in area of marketing. Having bold experience and specialized skills in more than 14 industries, agency provides services to all company sizes. People at Foster + Svensson design brands, use digital technology, data, and strategy to create contemporary visual identities, services, and experiences to help corporate clients improve their performance and manage sustainable business value for stakeholders. Foster + Svensson design and drive innovation to improve the way world works and lives. Agency approach is to be precise, punctual, and reliable to its clients, where it ran more than 2000 projects while working for major companies to be found in Fortune Global 500, such as HVB Group, UniCredit Group, Telenor Group, Ericsson, Apple, A1 Telekom Austria Group, RTS, Samsung, Cheil, Huawei, Hisense. Work culture and ethics includes business excellence and delivery of outperforming results.


Foster + Svensson is one of the founders of MAI Marina Abramović Institute.