Spotlight on visual artist Loribelle Spirovski, known for paintings of surrealism and photorealism

Loribelle Spirovski (born 1990) is a visual artist who was born in Manila, Philippines and lives in Sydney, Australia. She is known for her portrait paintings, which often incorporate elements of surrealism and photorealism.

Perhaps this is what draws me to the tension between working in a traditional medium such as oil paint and telling stories that present unmistakable references to the digital world. It is this tension that I am most intrigued by, and which continues to fuel me creatively. The tension of past and present, traditional and radical, movement and stillness, doubt and belief.”

Driven by a strong sense of play and experimentation, Spirovski’s work draws inspiration from artists as varied as painter Francis Bacon, filmmaker David Lynch and composer Olivier Messiaen. In her practice, Spirovski feels most connected to the medium of paint, rich in historical tradition, with a timeless versatility able to capture the unique conflicts and contradictions of the 21st century.

Though her artistic output varies in subject and style, Spirovski is especially drawn to the human form. She is the winner of several art prizes. She graduated from the University of New South Wales in 2012 with a Bachelor of Art Education, and has exhibited in Australia, Europe, the UK and the United States.

Artworks by Loribelle Spirovski

Spirovski has been on a journey from realism to surrealism as she seeks to explore personal turmoil through painting. As she puts it, her art is “an attempt to externalise internal conflict, creating a juxtaposition of movement and stillness that forms an unsettling effect”.

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